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Advanced Manufacturing Technology is now regarded as a key strategic competency by many companies and a source of competitive advantage.

This was not always the case. Until quite recently, the pace of change was relatively slow and predictable compared to other business influences. All this has changed as technology has revolutionised design and production. The revolution is profound and it is not yet over - more than 50% of the research projects set out in this publication are related to robotics or other computer-dependent technologies. The challenge for Victorian firms is how to manage this revolution and change their businesses by developing and adopting appropriate technologies.

The purpose of this publication is to assist the process of converting research and development from Victorian universities into beneficial outcomes for Victorian manufacturing industry.

The guide outlines current research activities in manufacturing technology in all eight Victorian universities. The institutions involved have given every assistance with this project, with the aim of raising awareness of the research capabilities of their students and staff.

I hope you will take the time to look through the guide and, if you find something which could be of interest to your business, contact the researcher and consider providing some encouragement, advice and perhaps assistance.

Hon Mark Birrell MP
Minister for Industry, Science & Technology


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Business Victoria aims to enhance the competitiveness of Victorian industry through improved diffusion of technology.
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