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A key basis of all manufactured products is the choice of materials used. It is essential that the latest advances in materials are utilised by Victorian manufacturing industry if our products are to remain world competitive. However, industry generally is not aware of the current research projects in the field of advanced materials being conducted in Australian universities and research institutions. It is also apparent that the requirements of manufacturing industry are not always appreciated by the institutions.

This publication attempts to address these issues by raising awareness.of the current research being undertaken in advanced materials in eight Victorian universities, covering all subjects which relate to manufacturing processes. It also provides contact details to enable companies to obtain further information about research projects.

The universities involved - Ballarat, Deakin, Latrobe, Melbourne, Monash, RMIT, Swinburne and VUT - have given every assistance to this project, to promote the research efforts of their staff and students and to improve access to their research capability I encourage industry to contact the appropriate university in the fields of research that interest them, with the aim of a fruitful long term association.

I also encourage Victorian universities to use this publication to apprise manufacturing industry of their capabilities. Cooperative research projects with industry and research institutions is an excellent way of disseminating knowledge of the latest materials technologies and honing the competitive edge that industry must have to compete with the rest of the world.

Hon Mark Birrell MP
Minister for Industry, Science & Technology


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