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Biotechnology underpins an emerging industry that will be a key driver of investment, employment and innovation in the next century. It is forecast that the worldwide annual revenue generated by the biotechnology industry will have increased ten fold from US$11 billion in 1996 to over US$100 billion in 2000.

The biotechnology industry is clustered in particular locations around the world, often in association with high quality public sector research. Victoria is recognised internationally as a leading centre of biotechnology-based research and development and is well placed to support a thriving biotechnology industry sector.

The Guide focuses on non-medical research in biotechnology. Apart from Victoria's outstanding history of achievement in medical research, there is a wide range of research being conducted in animal health, crop improvement, environment and conservation, food technology 'and industrial biotechnology. Research in all of these fields is included in this Guide.

The aim of this publication is to provide industry with a guide to the diversity and range of opportunities in research and development in Victorian universities, and to encourage the formation of co-operative links that will enhance the growth of a key industry in Victoria.

The Government, through its science and industry policies and services, supports the cultivation of a strong public sector research infrastructure that provides a platform for strategic alliances with external partners.

John Brumby MP
John Brumby MP
Minister for State and Regional Development


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