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One of the great challenges confronting the manufacturing sector is the achievement of sustainable development, that is, continued growth with minimal environmental impacts. The quest for sustainable development offers a diverse range of opportunities for industrial research including global warming; the contamination of land and water; the disposal of industrial wastes, and cleaner production.

The Victorian Government has advocated and encouraged the adoption of good environmental practices for a number of years, and has been assisting Victorian firms to identify opportunities for cleaner production, energy conservation, recycling and reuse with great success.

It is evident that these successes have been underpinned with sound science and engineering technology.

This is in no small part due to the contribution of Victoria's universities, in training environmental engineers and scientists, and in the pursuit of applied research into our environmental concerns.

The Government, through its industry policies and its support for science and technology, encourages the cultivation of a strong research base and the development of partnerships between industry and the research community.

An important means of achieving this is to raise industry awareness of the research that is being undertaken by university staff and students.

This guide seeks to demonstrate to industry the relevance and diversity of university research and to promote the formation of cooperative links that will meet the needs of Victoria's manufacturing sector as it embraces today's environmental challenges.

Hon Mark Birrell MP
Minister for Industry, Science & Technology


Cleaner Production in Victoria

The Victorian Government is committed to sustainable growth and development of Victorian industry. A key factor in achieving this outcome is the adoption of cleaner production principles and practices in Victorian industry which the government promotes through programs delivered by,
  • Environment Protection Authority
  • Energy Efficiency Victoria
  • EcoRecycle Victoria
  • Business Victoria

Business Victoria has developed a Cleaner Production planning program to assist Victorian firms to share in the benefits of cleaner production.

Cleaner Production: Gaining a Competitive Edge is a report summarising the achievements of the program and highlighting the benefits of joining the Cleaner Production Program.

Order a copy online,


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