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Ministers' Foreword

Around the world, those societies that have benefited most from modern infrastructure provision have developed strong partnerships between government, business, academia and the community.

In the same way, the building and construction industry in Victoria plays an integral role, with some 45,000 firms undertaking around $15 billion worth of work each year, and providing employment for more than 150,000 people.

Victorian universities are also key players in the 'built' environment, addressing both fundamental questions of disciplinary and professional knowledge, and the pragmatic problems confronting government, industry and the community. They are undertaking research that is targeted at the major issues facing local and global industry, both immediate and long term. This includes sustainable construction, virtual design and project management, spatial and image analysis, infrastructure service management and environmentally sustainable development.

It is pleasing to know that Victorian universities have an international reputation for innovative research and state-of-the-art laboratories. In addition, they are recognised for their strong links and strategic alliances with industry and other research centres. All stakeholders in the local industry therefore can only benefit from being made aware of the latest research activities and programs initiated and developed in Victoria's universities.

This publication identifies and highlights the research currently being undertaken by Victorian universities in the fields of construction, infrastructure and maintenance and in so doing, encourages further the formation of cooperative links between the key industry stakeholders.


John Brumby MP
Minister for State and Regional Development

Rob Hulls MP
Minister for Manufacturing


Published by the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre on AustehcWeb, October 2000
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