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Minister's Foreword

As the 21st century gets underway, the generation, transmission and use of energy faces significant challenges. In developing solutions to these challenges we have the chance to create new economic opportunities and provide a sustainable basis for Victoria as the powerhouse of Australian manufacturing.

The Victorian Government's Greenhouse Strategy will be released in the second half of 2001. It will involve an environmentally and socially responsible approach to climate change that also prepares us for the associated economic challenges. The Strategy will build on the Commonwealth Government's mandated requirement that two per cent of electricity is to be generated from renewable sources.

While social and environmental pressures are forcing reconsideration of the traditional reliance on fossil fuels, renewable energy technologies will need further development before they can provide significant alternative sources of power.

In pursuing this development we will need to take into account the value the community places on considerations such as natural visual amenity. We will need to ensure that emerging renewable energy sources are made available in ways that encourage social, environmental and economic acceptance. And we will need to overcome a variety of technical barriers.

At the same time, we need to consider how best to provide ongoing security of supply while reducing the overall greenhouse intensity of Victoria's energy system.

Victoria's first class research facilities give it a huge advantage in addressing these challenges. They offer an environment which fosters exciting new ideas and innovations from both scientists and engineers.

This Guide provides a comprehensive listing of energy and renewable energy research projects being conducted in Victoria's universities and research institutes. It is to be hoped that industry will make use of the strength and diversity it illustrates and that it will foster new collaborations and alliances between researchers and industry.

Candy Broad MLC
Minister Assisting in State and Regional Development


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