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Australian companies are frequently criticised for not undertaking research themselves and for being slow to apply the latest advances in science and technology. Australian universities are frequently criticised for carrying out research that is not relevant to industry.

One simple way of addressing both of these problems, at least as a starting point, is to ensure that companies are aware of the research programs that are underway in universities, in the fields of interest to them.

This publication attempts to do just that. It lists current research in disciplines related to food processing at six Victorian universities, covering subject matters as diverse as microbiology, toxicology, process engineering, packaging technology and quality. It also provides contact details to enable companies to obtain further information about research projects.

The universities involved - Deakin, La Trobe, RMIT, Swinburne, Melbourne and VUT - have given every assistance to this project, to raise awareness of the research efforts of their staff and students, and to improve access to research (and researchers) for companies in the food sector.

I hope that industry personnel will respond to the information provided by contacting researchers working in relevant fields to enquire about their research activities and most importantly, to inform them of the research issues that are important to their companies. If this leads to collaboration in the future, this Research Guide will have served its purpose.

Hon Phill Gude, MP
Minister for Industry and Employment



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