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Research performs an important role in supporting Victorian economic and social activities

Links between universities and industries are built around a wide range of research fields and industrial applications. The business enterprise component of expenditure on research is growing rapidly with positive, long-term relationships developing between universities and industry partners.

Many industrial users of research are seeking to be more closely involved in the process of identifying critical areas for future research, to maintain a leading edge. A focus on relevance and applicability to research users is valuable, yielding long-term benefits with direct and measurable outcomes.

Increasingly, business and industry users of research are looking to universities for new products and techniques, and for access to ideas, expertise and specialist skills - qualities which can be acquired through basic research and research training.

Victoria's ornamental horticulture industry has the potential to develop and expand, and the Government has targeted it for growth. To ensure this potential is realised, the Premier has established the Garden State Advisory Council with a membership made up of key industry and Government representatives. The Council facilitates joint action between industry and Government to capitalise on opportunities for growing the ornamental horticulture industry in Victoria.

The Government, through its industry, science and technology policy and services, also supports the cultivation of a strong research infrastructure that provides a platform for the types of external partnerships which applied research can generate.

This guide, the fifth in a series, seeks to demonstrate the excellence and diversity of our Victorian University research sector, to support local and export development of one of Victoria's key growth industries, and to encourage a broad collaboration which will meet the needs of the Victorian community.

Hon Mark Birrell MP
Minister for Industry, Science & Technology


Business Victoria aims to enhance the competitiveness of the Victorian ornamental horticulture industry and assist it to become export focused.

Business Victoria offers access to a range of services and expert advice:

  • business and management planning
  • export development
  • investment attraction
  • technololy diffusion
  • advocacy
Contact Business Victoria Helpline: 13 22 60     Internet:

The Institute for Horticultural Development at Knoxfield, (part of the Department of Natural Resources and Environment), undertakes . research and development, technology transfer activities, and provides market information, training, and plant health diagnostic services.

Contact Dr David Beardsell, Industry Manager Ornamentals
Tel: (03) 9210 9222 Fax: (03) 9887 3609

Garden State Advisory Council
Business Victoria
Department of State Development
Yasmin Poweer, Project Manager
Tel: (03) 9651 9833 Fax: (03) 9651 9304


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