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Research and development is a vital Ingredient in Victoria's IT success story.

Groundbreaking research has bolstered this State's capabilities in the ever-changing IT and multimedia sectors and given Victoria a solid foundation from which to build its knowledge-based industries.

Victoria is home to some of the Asia-Pacific region's most innovative companies, many of which are world leaders in research and development.

Australian Bureau of Statistics figures show Victoria is home to 21 of Australia's 50 most innovative companies, including six of the top 10. This translates to more than US$200 million spent on R&D by Victoria's six most innovative companies every year. Spending on R&D is recognised by this government as a downpayment on a successful future in IT.

Victoria is situated at the cutting edge of many knowledge-based industries, including telecommunications, medicine, automotive and food processing. In fact, Victoria is home to Australia's largest R&D laboratories in the private sector (Eriesson) and public sector (Telstra).

This government recognises that R&D is a vital component in Victoria's drive to remain a world leader in the development of technology-based industries. R&D is helping Victoria to capitalise on its natural strengths, including our highly skilled workforce and growing reputation as the IT and multimedia hub of Australasia.

There is an increasing number of businesses looking towards universities as innovative centres for new products, ideas, expertise and skills. This crossover between industry and universities is providing partnerships which are helping Victoria to consolidate its reputation for excellence in R&D.

The research being carried out in information, computer and communication technologies is vital to Victoria's continued growth in the IT and multimedia industries. Information, computer and communication technologies have applications in many fields, including telecommunications, software design and the semi-conductor industry. The research detailed in this guide proves that Victoria is determined to remain at the forefront of technological development.

This guide to current research in information, computers and communications technologies also reinforces the excellence which Victoria strives for, and achieves, in R&D and demonstrates the foundation which this State has built for future growth in the IT and multimedia industries.

Hon Alan Stockdale
Minister for Information Technology and Multimedia


Multimedia Victoria

Multimedia Victoria is the IT&T and multimedia industries' one-stop shop for doing business in Victoria.

Multimedia Victoria has responsibility for overseeing the delivery of the Victorian Government's Victoria 21 program.

This program was set up to

  • lead the development of a multimedia skilled community;
  • attract technology-based investment to Victoria; and
  • deliver all government information and services through online channels by 2001.
Contact: Multimedia Victoria 9651 9128


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