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Victoria is the home of a thriving and innovative "instrumentation industry" which encompasses a wide range of instruments for scientific, medical, environmental and process control purposes. Many companies working in the industry are highly regarded overseas and have achieved remarkable export successes. Similarly, there is a very high level of university research in the field of instrumentation.

However, industry often is not aware of the current research activity in the universities and it is likely that the requirements of manufacturing industry are not always appreciated by the institutions.

This publication attempts to address these issues by raising awareness of the research being undertaken in instrumentation and related technologies. It also provides contact details to enable companies to obtain further information about research projects.

The universities have assisted this initiative to promote the research efforts of their staff and students and to improve access to their researchers. I encourage firms to scan the projects listed in this guide and to follow through by obtaining further details of those that are relevant to their corporate directions.

I also encourage Victorian universities to use this publication to apprise manufacturing industry of their capabilities. Cooperative research between industry and research institutions is an excellent way of disseminating knowledge of the latest technologies and honing the competitive edge that industry must have to complete internationally.

Hon Mark Birrell MP
Minister for Industry, Science & Technology


Business Victoria has initiated a Victorian medical equipment directory to showcase Victorian expertise, and to enable end users of Victorian manufactured equipment and suppliers to the industry, to benefit from the publication of the information resource.

Medical Equipment Victoria Directory lists comprehensive details for 235 Victorian firms. Order a copy online,


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