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Ministers' Foreword

The future prosperity of Victoria depends to a great extent on the performance of its manufacturing sector, which in turn depends on innovation - in management, materials, processes and products. At present elaborately transformed manufactures represent the fastest growing segment of the State's exports, reflecting the investment that local manufacturers have made in technology and innovation.

The Brack's Government has set out its commitment to support manufacturing, particularly those companies operating in areas of high technology. Advanced Manufacturing Technology is an essential strategic competency and a source of competitive advantage. It is also very diverse, which can present real difficulties for firms attempting to stay in touch with contemporary developments in electronics, in materials technology, and other disciplines relevant to their own operations.

There are undoubtedly high level research capabilities that can assist industry innovation in Victoria's universities, but small manufacturing firms may not be aware of them. This is the type of situation that this Guide aims to address. It lists 170 research projects that are being undertaken in Victorian universities at the present time, and is designed to facilitate the formation of strong partnerships between government, academia and industry, which are critical for success in the knowledge-based economy. Such relationships encourage the growth of intellectual capital and drive the innovation and development that is needed to compete in a global marketplace.

Universities are primarily responsible for two critical elements in our rapidly changing environment - discoveries, and highly trained and educated personnel; and are a significant contributor to a third element - expert knowledge. Collectively, universities help ensure that society is culturally and economically prosperous by preserving, transmitting and advancing knowledge at international standards.

Researchers are placing extra emphasis on application in order to develop the ideas and advances of manufacturing technology research into new and exciting products. Victoria's universities are seeking new partnerships to develop new horizons, and to meet an ever-expanding demand from business for training and targeted research.

In this publication they offer a wide spectrum of research endeavours which we commend to you.


John Brumby MP
Minister for State and Regional Development

Rob Hulls MP
Minister for Manufacturing


Published by the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre on AustehcWeb, October 2000
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