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Minister's Foreword

The State of Victoria has a strong tradition of excellence in multimedia development. Our reputation for pushing the boundaries in the high- tech industry has resulted in the development of landmark technologies, including world leading animation techniques, and e-commerce and internet developments.

Our strength in the technology is a direct result of Victoria's strong education system. For example, Victoria is home to more computer science graduates than any other Australian state.

The Victorian Government is a strong supporter of innovation and technical excellence. We recognise that if our State is to capitalise on the opportunities presented by the new economy, we must continue to provide world-class graduates to support the industry's growth.

The State Government's support for technology- based industries extends beyond our education system. We have allocated $310 million over 5 years to boost science, technology and innovation in Victoria.

This State's success in information and communications technology is built on a commitment to research and development. Victoria is home to more than 40% of Australia's most innovative companies, including the largest private ICT spender on R&D - Ericsson - and the largest public ICT spender - Telstra.

Our commitment to educational excellence and innovation is helping Victoria build on one of its core strengths - a highly skilled workforce.

The State Government is also working to deliver the benefits of technology to all Victorians through our Connecting Victoria policy. This policy provides a framework for getting more Victorians using the internet, more businesses embracing e-commerce and providing encouragement for Victorian companies to continually push the boundaries of new technologies.

This Guide to Current Research in Victorian Universities - Multimedia demonstrates that Victorian universities are rising to the challenges posed by the growth of the information economy and multimedia, and indicates that this State is in a great position to build on its reputation as the knowledge capital of the knowledge nation.

John Brumby MP
Minister for State and Regional Development


Published by the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre on AustehcWeb, October 2000
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