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Industry is continually being urged to become more innovative and to increase research and development activities in order to secure a competitive advantage. At the same time, there has been considerable comment about the need for universities to undertake research which is relevant to industry.

Despite the obvious relationship between these respective needs, the link between researchers and potential users of research findings is not always made.

Few companies have the resources to conduct research and develop technology themselves, or to maintain detailed knowledge of advances in technology. Collaboration with universities and other research institutes can provide firms with access to a very wide range of skills and knowledge.

The Victorian Government has introduced a series of publications designed to acquaint companies with current research activities that are of relevance to their industry. This particular publication lists research projects related to packaging, which are currently being undertaken at six Victorian universities, and at the Cooperative Research Centre for International Food Manufacture and Packaging Science. Swinburne University of Technology, The University of Melbourne and Victoria University of Technology are also core participants in the research programs of the Centre.

The universities have assisted in this project to raise awareness of the research capabilities of their staff and students, and to provide companies in the packaging sector with improved access to their research output.

I hope that the result will be a continuing dialogue between industry and the universities which leads to extensive collaboration in future research.

Hon Mark Birrell MP
Minister for Industry, Science & Technology


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