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Ministers' Foreword

Supporting one of the economy's fastest growing industries, Victoria's tertiary education system is a national leader in the disciplines of sport and recreation. It provides graduates and expertise to a sector where employment has grown at five times the State average for well over a decade, in areas as diverse as sports injury prevention and sport marketing. Export of this expertise is becoming an increasingly important activity for Victoria's sport and recreation academics.

Of Victoria's universities, nearly all have sport and recreation departments. The majority of these are in human movement and physical recreation, focussing on all aspects of performance, injury prevention and exercise techniques. However, Victoria also offers something that is available in few other places in Australia, academic expertise and study opportunities in sport management and administration.

The research projects listed in this publication provide our industry with valuable information in relation to equipment, rules and erogenic aids, as well as investigations into psychological, biological and physiological limitations on performance and injury prevention and treatment.

As the sport and recreation industry goes forward into the twenty-first century, boosted on its way by the Sydney 2000 Olympics, Victoria's tertiary education institutions will play a major role in its progress.


The Honourable Justin Madden MLC
Minister for Sport and Recreation

The Honourable John Brumby MP
Minister for State and Regional Development


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