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Monash University
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The overall research aims of Monash University are:
  • To increase the quantity and quality of the University's research output
  • To strengthen the University's research training program
  • To develop research activities which support developments in the University's educational programs locally and internationally
  • To promote public awareness of the University's research achievements
  • To strengthen the University's research links with other research organisations, nationally and internationally and with industry and other users of research
Research at Monash covers the full spectrum from basic to applied and ranges across the arts and humanities, social, natural and health sciences and the professions. The University is determined to preserve its strength in basic research, which underpins its successes in applied research and to continue to make a distinguished contribution to the cultural life of the nation.

Monash research embodies the three key themes of the University: innovation, engagement and internationalisation. Researchers and postgraduate research students at Monash address fundamental questions of disciplinary and professional knowledge, as well as the problems of government, industry and the community.

Monash aims to strengthen existing relationships and develop new strategic partnerships with other universities, industry and government research agencies.

All Faculties at Monash have been involved in finalising Faculty Research Management Plans, which accord with the objectives of the Monash Plan 1999 - 2003. They include Faculty based assessments of their current research strengths and emerging research strengths. In addition, they aim to identify strengths which have potential for development.


School of Literary, Visual and Performance Studies

The GloWeave Company
Chief Researcher: Forster S (MA)
Supervisor: Marsh Dr A
Duration: 1998 - 2001
Research Field Classification: 410299 Visual Arts and Crafts nec


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