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Swinburne University of Technology
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Swinburne University is committed to high quality research and research training that is relevant to national goals, and is of social, commercial and cultural value to the community.

Swinburne has a strong reputation in Australia and overseas as a provider of career orientated education and as a university with a commitment to research. The University maintains a strong technology base and important links with industry, complemented by a number of innovative specialist research centres which attract a great deal of international interest.

In recent years, the School of Business, and its European and Italian Studies section, has developed a particular interest in research in textiles and textile technology. This interest has come from the expertise that the section has in Italian-Australian business and the special relations developed with Italian-Australian business and government business agencies. Much of this research is developed across Schools and involves multi-disciplinary research skills. Investment trends, technology transfer and strategic alliances are some of the issues touched on by the research of this School.

At the National School of Design, design is being rethought and redefined as a field of knowledge encompassing professional practice, marketing, the business of design and design's history, theory and criticism. Through this approach the National School of Design offers a link to innovation and a complement to research conducted by industry. Research at the National School of Design is into design as a field of enquiry, questioning convention and searching for fresh insights, be they into new technologies, processes, materials, aesthetics or social and cultural issues.


National School of Design
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"Primitivism" in Australian textile design: Emergence, meaning and the politics of indigenous influence
Chief Researcher: Carter N
Duration: -2001
Research Field Classification: 410499 Design Studies nec


School of Business
Italian and European Studies

The textile machinery industry in Australia
Chief Researchers: Hougaz L, Mascitelli B
Sponsor: The Italian Institute of Foreign Trade
Current Status: Completed
Research Field Classification: 290306 Textile Technology

Wool processing: Investment opportunities for Italy-Australia
Chief Researchers: Mascitelli B, Hougaz L, Holland P
Sponsor: The Italian Institute of Foreign Trade
Duration: -2001
Research Field Classification: 290306 Textile Technology


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