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Deakin University provides higher education for suitably qualified Australian and full fee-paying students through open campus flexible learning modes in which the place, time, mode and pace of study are flexible. The University operates across six campuses: Melbourne (Burwood), Geelong (Waurn Ponds), Waterfront (Geelong City), Rusden, Toorak and Warrnambool. Academic studies are co-ordinated through the faculties of: Arts; Business and Law; Education; Health and Behavioural Sciences; and Science and Technology. Education and training is available at undergraduate, graduate and postgraduate levels, covering the disciplines in these faculties and including professional courses, mid-career professional development courses and postgraduate studies by course work and research.

Associate Professor Louise Johnson, who heads the School of Contemporary Arts, has recently been funded by the ARC for two research projects which examine aspects of the City of Geelong. In the first, Professor Johnson asks: 'At a time when the "Cultural Industries" are touted as the way to restore declining towns and cites, how is their impact assessed?' This project will go beyond existing studies to quantify and qualify the value of cultural capital in one Australian city. The research will detail how Pierre Bourdieu's three forms of cultural capital - embodied, objectified and institutional - are created, circulated and consumed in Geelong, Victoria. The result will be an original application of the concept and a model that planning and tourism authorities can use to assess the economic and social contribution of their cultural industries.

In the second, jointly sponsored by Geelong Otway Tourism and the City of Greater Geelong, the question asked is: 'Do major tourist and community events boost regional economies and enhance social cohesion?' This study will examine the social and economic origin, experience and outcomes of a series of spectator and participant tourist events. An assessment of five major events over three years using statistical analysis, surveys, interviews and participant observation will allow future planning to maximise their economic and social benefit. The study will also offer an original contribution to academic work on the postmodern city of spectacle.


School of Contemporary Arts

Cultural capitals? Quantifying and qualifying the value of cultural capital in the cultural industries of one Australian city
Chief Researcher: Johnson Prof L
Duration: 2001 - 2003
Research Field Classification: 370402 Social and Cultural Geography

The effectiveness of major events in boosting the economy and social cohesion of an Australian regional city. Connecting the city of spectacle to the city of difference - how do urban festivals include or exclude marginal social groups?
Chief Researcher: Johnson Prof L
Sponsor: Geelong Otway Tourism, City of Greater Geelong
Duration: 2001 - 2003
Research Field Classification: 370402 Social and Cultural Geography


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