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Minister's Foreword

Tourism in Victoria is a thriving industry which currently contributes $10.5 billion to the State’s economy each year and is a key economic driver. Approximately 241,950 Victorians are either directly or indirectly employed in the tourism industry.

Research plays a major role in the development of our tourism industry, and a healthy partnership between the government, private sector and universities is fundamental in meeting the research needs of the industry.

Given that most tourism businesses are small businesses, a co-operative approach is the only way that such tourism operators can access the research which will enable them to promote themselves to domestic and international markets.

The Victorian Government offers a series of publications designed to provide current research activities that are relevant to a particular industry. This publication lists research activities related to tourism that have been produced by universities around the State, which may offer tourism operators and organisations valuable information about their markets and related issues.

It is with such research initiatives that we can secure our strong tourism environment by implementing tailored marketing programs to truly make Victoria the place to be.

I applaud each of the research projects currently being undertaken and I encourage further studies into tourism - one of Victoria’s most exciting industries.

John Pandazopoulos
Minister for Major Projects and Tourism


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