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Swinburne University of Technology
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Swinburne University is committed to high quality research and research training that is relevant to national goals, and is of social, commercial and cultural value to the community.

Swinburne has a strong reputation in Australia and overseas as a provider of career orientated education and as a university with a commitment to research. The University maintains a strong technology base and important links with industry, complemented by a number of innovative specialist research centres which attract a great deal of international interest.

The Tourism Discipline of Swinburne University Of Technology Lilydale, is engaged in research in a number of areas.

To further promote applied outcomes, learning for students participating in the Tourism Discipline includes exercises that replicate real life problems and issues.

Current research studies focus on the difficulties associated with quantifying the economic impact of day visitors; variations in product evolution of heritage visitor attractions, and research to compare the scope and scale of their success of indigenous tourism enterprises with the degree of consultation with regulatory and support bodies.


School of Arts, Hospitality & Science
Department of Hospitality and Tourism

The development of a methodology to collect and analyse regional visitation data
Chief Researcher: Nankervis T
Sponsor: Yarra Valley Dandenongs & The Ranges Tourism Board Inc.
Duration: 2001 - 2002
Descriptors: ECONOMIC IMPACT--Quantification
Research Field Classification: 350503 Impacts of Tourism

A study to examine theories of causation in the evolution of visitor attractions
Chief Researcher: Nankervis T (PhD)
Supervisor: Jago Dr L (Victoria University), Deery Dr M (Victoria University)
Current Status: Ongoing
Research Field Classification: 350502 Tourism Resource Appraisal

A study to examine barriers in the consultation process with indigenous people towards the development of indigenous tourism enterprise
Chief Researchers: Nankervis T, Peters A
Duration: 2001 - 2002
Research Field Classification: 350507 Tourism Management

A study to examine the value of replication exercises in the learning outcomes with tourism students
Chief Researcher: Nankervis T
Sponsor: Swinburne University of Technology
Current Status: Ongoing
Research Field Classification: 350501 Tourism Policy and Planning


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