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The University of Melbourne
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The University of Melbourne is an international, research-led university with more than 34,000 students, including some 9,000 postgraduates, 2500 research higher degree students, and 3400 international students from over 70 countries.

Victoria’s first university, and Australia’s second oldest university, Melbourne’s tradition of excellence in research, teaching and learning, and service to the community dates back to 1855.

Australia’s national benchmark of research performance, the National Composite Index, saw Melbourne again achieve the highest ranking among Australian universities for 2000.

The University is at the centre of the Parkville Triangle, Australia’s most highly concentrated Knowledge Precinct of hospitals, university campuses, research institutes and private sector knowledge-based industries.

With campuses close the Melbourne central business district and in regional Victoria, the University is engaged in a wide variety of partnerships with educational institutions, government and industry. It is a founding member of Universitas 21, a network of 18 research-intensive universities in 10 countries, a leader in Bio21, a $400m initial stage program to establish Victoria as one of the world’s leading biotechnology centres, a participant in 15 Cooperative Research Centres (CRC), and a partner in wide range of other collaborative research initiatives. Melbourne Enterprise International Ltd and Melbourne University Private Limited are two key vehicles for promoting partnerships in the delivery of high-quality educational services and commercial business development.

Melbourne welcomes the opportunity to engage with, support, and develop partnerships with small, medium and large public and private enterprises, for example through contract research and development, development and commercialisation of new technologies, provision of expert advice, consultancies, graduate recruitment, student placement, staff secondment and exchanges, sponsorship of research and scholarships, and joint research projects.

For further information, including weekly news from the University, please see To discuss research opportunities, services and partnerships, please contact the Melbourne Research and Innovation Office -


Faculty of Architecture, Building & Planning
Department of Geomatics
[ Australian Science at Work Entry ]

Delivery of online tourism information using 3d modelling and interactive multimedia technologies
Chief Researchers: Bharat Dr Dave, Bishop Prof Ian
Sponsor: Lonely Planet
Duration: 2001 - 2003
Research Field Classifications: 280105 Interfaces and Presentation
350599 Tourism
280211 Virtual Reality and Related Simulation


Faculty of Arts
School of Fine Arts, Classics & Archaeology
[ Australian Science at Work Entry ]

Torres Strait archaeological project
Researcher: McNiven Dr Ian
Duration: 2000 - 2001
Research Field Classifications: 310102 Heritage andConservation
370302 Social and Cultural Anthropology


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