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A. Transactions and Proceedings of the Victorian Institute, Unnumbered Volume. (continued)

In The Argus, Melbourne, 14 September 1855, p. 5, there is a statement that "The transactions and proceedings of the Victorian Institute for the Advancement of Science has been published by Mr. George Robertson, and shows that this society, like the Philosophical, has not been idle." An account of the transactions follows the statement and shows clearly that the publication referred to is that of the Victorian Institute. The transactions were therefore published before, but probably only 1-few days before, 14 September, as The Argus was a daily newspaper and normally would not delay long in its reporting. This conclusion is supported by The Age, Melbourne, another daily newspaper. On 15 September 1855, p. 5, The Age reported "The Victorian Institute.—The transactions and proceedings of this body, for the sessions 1854-55 have been published in a collective form. . . . ". The report mentions contents and contributors, and thereby leaves no doubt that it refers to item A.

A publication date very closely preceding 14 September is also inferred by The Illustrated Melbourne Family News 1(4):35-36, dated 22 September 1855, where a review of "Transactions and Proceedings of the Victorian Institute for the Advancement of Science, for the Sessions 1854-55" is given. The News had apparently appeared weekly since its first number dated 1 September[1] and it is most likely that the transactions reached that periodical after their issue of 8 September and too late for the deadline for copy for the 15 September issue. If the transactions had been received long-prior to 15 September it is unlikely that the review of them would have been held over until the fourth number of 22 September, particularly as the review commences "The valuable volume before us . . . " and is most eulogistic of both the publication and the Institute.

Available evidence, although inconclusive, tends to indicate that distribution of this volume postdates that of the complete volume one (item C) of Trans. Philos. Soc. Vict. See under "Discussion".

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