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D. Transactions of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria, Aug.-Dec. 1855

On 19 March 1856 (PM2, xxiii) it was moved "That . . . it is desirable that the Transactions for the period ending December 31st, 1855, be printed and published as soon as possible." This would refer only to the Transactions of the amalgamated body from August to December 1855, those of the two original organisations covering the first seven months of the year having already been published. I have found no evidence of this motion having been effected. To the contrary, on 10 September 1856 (CM2) at a special Council meeting called to consider "taking immediate measures for the publication of the Transactions" the secretary was "instructed to collect the papers which have been read before the Philosophical Institute since the amalgamation of the two Societies . . .". It therefore appears that no transactions of the Philosophical Institute had been published prior to 10 September 1856. Subsequent minutes (CM2) for 7 October, 14 October, 13 November 1856 and 6 January, 30 January 1857 indicate the steps taken in collecting and processing the papers until on 8 May 1857 a proof copy was presented to Council for instructions (see item E).

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