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Early Scientific Journals in Victoria



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F-J. Transactions of the Philosophical Institute of Victoria, Vols. 2-4.

All information has been obtained from original copies with original covers held by either the Royal Society of Victoria or the National Museum of Victoria. Dates of publication determined from:

F. 30 September 1857 (PM3, xliii) "The Secretary announced the publication of Part 1st, of Volume II., of the "Transactions of the Institute", . . .". The last page of this part is dated 23 September 1857.

G. 26 May 1858 (PM4, viii) "The Secretary announced the publication of Part II, Vol. II., of the Transactions of the Institute for 1857, and the members present were supplied with copies of the same." The previous ordinary meeting was on 5 May, and as no announcement was made then Part II was apparently not published by that date.

H. 13 July 1859 (PM5, xvi) "The Secretary laid upon the table the third volume of the "Transactions of the Institute for 1859" [1859 is an error], and accounted for the delay in the publication of the same . . .". The previous meeting was 23 June 1859.

I. 21 Dec. 1859 (PM5, xxxiv) "The Secretary intimated that Part I., Vol. IV., for 1859, was ready for distribution among the members present." The previous meeting was 30 November 1859.

J. 25 June 1860 (PM6, xi) "Dr. Macadam intimated that Part II. of Vol. IV was ready for distribution among the members." The previous meeting was 4 June 1860.

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Aston, Helen 1984, 'Publication Dates of Early Scientific Journals in Victoria', Muelleria, vol. 5, no. 4, pp. 281-288.

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