8 - Diane Elizabeth Barwick's Research Contacts

Date Rangec. 1960 - c. 1986

Philip Eric Felton
Diane Barwick worked with Philip Felton in his role as the State Superintendent of Aboriginal Welfare Board, Victoria, from 1958. He was one of Diane Barwick’s first interviewees for her PhD in October 1960. Philip Felton and Diane Barwick also collaborated on genealogical research begun by Felton prior to 1960. Diane Barwick worked with Philip Felton from 1960 to at least 1974 on compiling a comprehensive record of genealogies of the Aboriginal people in New South Wales and Victoria.

Phillip J. Boas
A Welfare Officer in the Victorian government in the 1960s, Phillip Boas was also active on the Aboriginal Scholarships Committee of the NUAUS [National Union of Australian University Students]. Phillip Boas completed an MA thesis entitled 'A Case Study in the Practice of Social Intervention: Government Intervention in Aboriginal Affairs (Victoria) 1834-1972', in the Social Studies Department at University of Melbourne, in December 1974. He was an important contact to Diane Elizabeth Barwick during her PhD, and thereafter also a correspondent and friend.

Pastor Stan Davey
Church of Christ Pastor who was a founding member of the Aborigines Advancement League (Victoria), where his positions included Honourary full-time Secretary. Well known among the Aboriginal communities of Melbourne in the early 1960s when Diane Barwick was carrying out her PhD research, Stan Davey was an important early informant to Diane Elizabeth Barwick during this time.

Pastor Doug Nicholls
From Cumeroogunga Station, Pastor Nicholls originally came to prominence in the 1920s as an Australian Rules footballer and a sprinter. From 1943, Doug Nicholls was the Minister at the Aboriginal chapel, later the Church of Christ, on Gore Street, Fitzroy, which was a centre of the Melbourne Aboriginal community. Nicholls was a leader in the community from the 1940s to the 1970s. During this time he was president of the Aborigines Advancement League, and was a member of the Aboriginal Welfare Board. Doug Nicholls was an important early informant to Diane Elizabeth Barwick during her PhD.

Ian Spalding
Convenor of Aboriginal Affairs, a forum established in approximately 1962 in Melbourne to promote discussion about Aboriginal advancement and welfare. Ian Spalding was also involved in the Victorian Aboriginal Group. A frequent correspondent of Diane Elizabeth Barwick’s in the 1960s, Ian Spalding sent Diane Barwick data and papers about community groups and government policies, and also read an early version of her PhD thesis.

Lois Briggs
Originally from Shepparton. One of Diane Elizabeth Barwick’s first informants for her PhD. Diane Barwick met Lois Briggs at the Aborigines Advancement League Girls' Hostel in Northcote, Melbourne where she was staying at the time. Lois was cousin to Beverley Briggs. Other relatives include Margaret and Geraldine Briggs.

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