Series 16 - Robert Ingpen Commissions

Date Range1967 - 1987
Quantity5.9 cm, 7 files
ProvenanceAlfred Dunbavin Butcher

Robert Ingpen was a family friend of Bessell and Alfred Dunbavin Butcher, as well as a commissioned artist for many of Butcher's projects. Robert Ingpen created many beautiful works for Fisheries and Wildlife, the Melbourne Zoo, and other bodies connected to Alfred Butcher. This series illustrates many of these commissions with reprints and some original drafts, sketches and submissions.

Inventory Listing

16-1 Guides, Catalogues and Correspondence

Guides and catalogues containing work by Robert Ingpen including "Swan Hill Folk Museum", "Clunies Ross Memorial Mural", presentation of Ingpen fish drawings to Fisheries and Wildlife, Exhibition of Drawings by Robert Ingpen at Osborne House, "Lakeside Holidays", "Grenda's 3 Day Golden Coach Tour to Australia's Age of Pioneer Settlement", "Maintaining the Catch"; Ingpen drawings of commercial fish of Australia reprinted from Australian Fisheries, Insignia of the State of Victoria, Ingpen Christmas cards, correspondence with Ingpen and with others his work, invitations, articles on Ingpen, speech by Alfred Dunbavin Butcher "The Art of Robert Ingpen" for Geelong Art Gallery opening.

Creator Alfred Dunbavin Butcher
Date range 1970 - 1987    Quantity 2.5 cm, 1 file
Formats General Publications, General Correspondence, Drafts, Ephemera, News Clippings and Talks and/or Speeches
Inventory Identifier BUTCA0233 Box Number 68 Series 16
16-2 Writings and Illustrations by Robert Ingpen

Publications containing work by Robert Ingpen "Information and Fisheries Development" by R.R. Ingpen, "Information function in fisheries development" by G.L. Kesteven & R.R. Ingpen, Suprise and Enterprise, articles on Ingpen, "National Sheep and Wool Centre: A Concept Plan for Werribee Park", "The Arthur Rylah Institute for Environmental Research", "Western Portrait: An explanation of the Westernport Bay Environmental Study", "Preliminary concept for the agricultural settlement park Swan Hill" by Robert Ingpen, mockups of cover for Fish of Victoria, "My Country's Keeper: the Case for conservation", issues of Australian Fisheries January 1967, June 1967, April 1970.

Creator Alfred Dunbavin Butcher
Date range 1967 - 1970    Quantity 3 cm, 1 file
Formats Unmounted Artworks, Drafts, Ephemera, Reports, News Clippings and Journals
Inventory Identifier BUTCA0234 Box Number 68 Series 16
16-3 Newspaper Lift-Outs - Age

Liftouts from The Age as follows: "Nature's Classroom" in 4 June 1976, "Victoria's Aboriginal Heritage" 5 April 1976, "Our Trust Heritage" 29 November 1977, "Our Changed Environment" (1976?).

Creator Alfred Dunbavin Butcher
Date range 1976 - 1977    Quantity 0.4 cm, 1 file
Formats News Clippings and Display Material
Inventory Identifier BUTCA0235 Box Number 68 Series 16
16-4 Proposed Werribee Fauna Park, and Walk-through Aviary, Melbourne Zoo

Two watercolour sketches by Robert Ingpen, 48x36cm. Artist has signed and dated both watercolours, and has also written following on the Proposed Werribee Fauna Park sketch: "First Rouge Only".

Creator Alfred Dunbavin Butcher
Date range 1977 - 1978    Quantity 59 cm, 2 artworks
Formats Display Material
Inventory Identifier BUTCA0236 Box Number 69 Series 16

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