1 - Coad, Alan Rawle

Date RangeAugust 1919 -

Alan Rawle Coad was born in England and educated at Trinity College Cambridge, graduating in the natural sciences in 1940. During the Second World War he served in the British and Indian Armies and was active service for four years in India and Burma. In 1950 he migrated to Australia and from 1953-57 was on the staff of the Chemical Engineering Department of the Royal Melbourne Technical College.

From 1961-69, Alan Coad worked for the Victorian State Rivers and Water Supply Commission, based in Pyramid Hill and Shepparton, before setting up his own ground water business which he ran until 1972. He then moved to the Research Department of the Sewerage Division of the Melbourne Metropolitan Board of Works until his retirement in 1982. His interest in salinity consumed his retirement years and led to the establishiment of Australian Draining Land Improvement and Reclamation (ADLIR) Pty Ltd which ran small reclamation consultancies, mostly in north-central Victoria.

1937 - 1940Student of natural sciences at Trinity College, Cambridge, graduating in 1940.
1940 - 1946Joined British and Indian Armies with active service for 4 years in India and Burma. Promoted to T/Capt and mentioned in dispatches.
1946 - 1950Research Chemist with British Industrial Plastics, Oldbury (near Birmingham) in the United Kingdom.
1950Passed the Institute(?) of Chemical Engineers Home Paper.
1950Migrated to Victoria, Australia
1950 - 1953Chemical Engieer with Beetie Elliott Ltd
1953 - 1957Member of staff, Chemical Engineering Department, Royal Melbourne Technical College.
1956Became a member of the Institute(?) of Chemical Engineers
1957? - 1960?Awared Fellowship of the Royal Australian Chemical Institute
1957 - 1960Worked in the chemical and gas industries.
1961 - 1969Irrigation Engineer with the Victorian State Rivers and Water Supply Commission based at Pyramid Hill and Shepparton.
1967Awared Churchill Fellowship for a project on land salination and mole drainage.
1969 - 1972Ran his own groundwater business.
1972 - 1982Worked as a Chemical Engineer in the Research Department, Sewerage Dvision, Melbourne and Metropolitan Board of Works. Started plastics sewerage in Melbourne.
1972? - 1982?Awarded Fellowship of the Insitute of Engineers, Australia.
1972 - 1985Politically active in lobbying for action with reagrd to reclamation of saline land.
1975Granted Australian citizenship.
1982 - 1985Retired. Worked on a community farm near Bellingen and then as a volunteer with the Murray Valley League, Albury.
1985Established ADLIR Pty Ltd, which ran small land reclamation cunsutlancies.
1989 - 1995Set up a caravan near Pyramid Hill and moved between Melbourne and Pyramid Hill region establishing farm-scale reclamation technology.
ReferencesCOAR0058, "Alan Rawle Coad - Brief CV, and Other Papers", Series 4, Records of Alan Rawle Coad, MS 13682, State Library of Victoria, Australia.

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