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1 ICI Dulux Australia
Date Range: 1986 -
2 British Australian Lead Manufacturers Pty Ltd (BALM)
Date Range: 1918 -

Established in 1918 by a group of Australian business men, British Australian Lead Manufacturers Pty Ltd (BALM) was the first manufacturer of white lead (pigment) in Australia.
In order to start making its own paint, the company purchased the Australian United Paint Company (AUP) in Port Adelaide, South Australia from Clarksons of Adelaide, Brooks Robinson, Melbourne, James Sandy, Sydney and R.S Exton & Co. Brisbane.

3 Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust) Pty Ltd
4 Rogers Paints & Varnishes (Head Office for Australia).
5 eScholarship Research Centre
The University of Melbourne
Date Range: 2007 -
6 Lewis Berger & Sons - Adelaide
7 Lewis Berger & Sons (S.A.) Pty. Ltd.
8 Berger Paints (Aust.) Pty. Ltd.
9 Lewis Berger & Sons (N.Z.) Pty Ltd
10 Berger Paints NZ Ltd
11 Lewis Berger and Sons Ltd.
12 Lewis Berger & Sons (Q) Pty Ltd
13 Berger Paints Tasmania Pty. Ltd.
14 Lewis Berger & Sons (Vic.) Pty Ltd
15 Lewis Berger (Great Britain) Ltd.
16 British Paints New Zealand
17 British Paints Ltd.
18 British Paints (Pacific Islands) Limited
19 British Paints India Ltd.
20 British Paints Australia Pty. Ltd.
21 Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Ltd

Throughout the records, the company is also referred to as:-

  • L. B. & Sons (Aust.) Ltd
  • Lewis Berger & Sons (Australia) Limited
  • Lewis Berger & Sons (Aust) Ltd

22 Berger Paints

Referred to with no 'Limited'. Confirmation required as to whether Berger Paints existed as an entity prior to the company becoming Berger Paints (Australia) Limited.

23 Lewis Berger & Sons (London)

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