1 - Federation of Asian Chemical Societies - FACS

Date Range1979 - 1991?

1978: UNESCO proposes the creation of the Federation of Asian chemical societies to Countries in the Asian Region. Draft proposals submitted to UNESCO from the following 12 countries: Australia, Hong Kong, Indonesia, India, Japan, Korea, New Zealand, Malaysia, Philippines, Sri Lanka and Thailand. On October 3, Dr John V. Kingston, division of Scientific Research and Higher Education, UNESCO wrote to Professor Kamchorn Manunapichu, Head of the Chemistry Department of Mahidol University, Bangkok requesting him to chair the meeting of a working party which would prepare draft statutes and guidelines for the formation of FACS. Prepartory working group met on the 14 - 16 Dec 1978 at Bangkok included: Prof. Kamchorn - Chairman; Prof. J.R. Cannon - RACI; Prof. S.A. Achmad - Institute of Technology Bandung; Dr Mohinder Singh, Hon. Sec. Malaysian Institute of Chemistry; Dr Vichai Reutrakul of Mahidol University - Observer; and Prapin Wilairat - Secretary from the Department of Chemistry, Mahidol University.

1979: Inaugural function of the FACS convened on 13 - 16 August to consider draft statutes, to decide the venue of the first general assembly, to elect the office bearers and members of the executive committee, and to discuss the activities proposed to be undertaken by the Federation up to 1982. Twelve national chemical societies invited to attend. Statutes accepted unanimously by assembled representatives. Founding Societies were: Royal Australian Chemical Institute; Hong Kong Chemical Society; Indian Chemical Society; Iraqi Chemical Society; Korean Chemical Society; Malaysian Institute of Chemistry; Integrated Chemists of the Philippines; Singapore National Institute of Chemistry; Institute of Chemistry Ceylon; Indonesan Chemical Society; Chemistry Section, Science Society of Thailand (Replaced by the Chemical Society of Thailand in 1981). On August 15 FACS was formed. On the 16th of Aug, the first General Assembly met and elected the President, President-elect for the next term, Secretary General, and the members of the Executive Committee.

1980: FAS Newsletter starts as a circular.

1981: Chemical Society of Japan, Bangladesh Chemical Society and New Zealand Institute of Chemistry join FACS. FACS Newsletter becomes published magazine. The First Asian and Pacific Chemical Congress is held in Singapore and was adopted as the first FACS Chemistry conference.The Second Asian Chemical Conference on Priorities in Chemistry, Malaysia, was the Second FACS Conference.

1982: Nepal Chemical Society joins FACS.

1983: Iraqi Chemical Conference is held.

1984: Chinese Chemical Society, Chemical Society located in Taipei and Kuwaiti Chemical Society join FACS. Symposium on Cooperation in Chemistry for the Development of Asia, Honolulu is held, hosted by the American Chemical Society as part of the International Pacific Basin Chemical Congress.

1985: Papua New Guinea Institute of Chemistry and Brunei Chemical Society join FACS. The Asian Chemical Conference, 1985 is held in Singapore.

1986: International Conference on Chemistry in Occupational Hygiene and the Environment, Darwin. Hosted by RACI. Malaysian Chemical Congress, Kuala Lumpar is held, hosted by IKM.

1987: Chemical Society of the South Pacific joins FACS. The Asian Chemical Congress held in Seoul, Korea, was the fourth FACS Biennial Conference. Regional Symposium on Utilisation of Wastes is held in Kuala Lumpur as part of SCIENCE ASIA '87 hosted by the Malaysian Scientific Association and Institute Kimia Malaysia.

1988: Malaysian Chemical Conference held. Interchem '88 held in Hong Kong

1989: The Third Asian Chemical Congress of FACS -3ACC, is held in Brisbane. Pacifichem '89 is held. Chemistry in Occupational Hygiene and the Environment conference is held in Darwin.

1990: The Eleventh Symposium on Analytical Chemistry, Australia - 11AC is held.

1991:The fourth Asian Chemical Congress of FASC - 4ACC is held in China. The 13th meeting of International Chemical Society Presidents is held.

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