Series 16 - Scoria and Hard Rock Quarrying

Date Range1958 - 1991
Quantity10.5 cm, 10 items
ProvenanceDewar Wilson Goode

Correspondence, memos, newspaper clippings, papers, reports, photographs, notes and articles. This series includes material relating to Scoria and Hard Rock Quarrying; Lang Lang Sandpit Proposal; Red Rock Reserve Appeal, Colac; Extractive Industries Appeals, Almurta; `Lysterfield'; Lang Lang Foundry Wastes; Lanf Lang Rehabilitation; and Mining.

Inventory Listing

GOOD00528 Scoria and Hard Rock Quarrying

Correspondence: Joan Kirner; Grace E. Fraser and J. L. Groom (peninsula Conservation League) re `Extractive Industry Development in Victoria' (2 copies, 1 with manuscript note); D. E. Perkins; R. J. Elliot; R. N. Walker to Dewar Goode: Dewar Goode to Director, CCV; Joan Kirner; Grace Fraser; Warwick [Forge. : John Turner to Peter [?. with attached report from Administrator NTA/Vic [S. R. Birch. to Secretary, Department of Minerals and Energy: S. R. Birch to R. F. Ship ton. Memoranda: Peter R. Watts to Dewar Goode re Lang sand pit; Dewar Goode to Chairman, Landscape Classification Committee re `Lysterfield Hills - Hard Rock Quarrying', 5 July 1973. Dewar Goode: manuscript notes dated 17 September 1987 regarding possible summit conference on environmental issues; typescript draft labelled `letter for the Age' (re Red Rock), 17 August 1987; typescript list of questions to determine `rational approach to the extractive industries', dated 6 June 1973 and amended 16 July 1987 (2 copies, 1 with manuscript note `Note to John Reynolds [. . . etc. . '); report by Dewar Goode as CCV representative to the Natural Resources and Environment Committee Inquiry into Electricity Supply and Demand Into the Mid-1990s, dated 12 May 1987 (includes clipping from Age announcing meeting); report by Nerina du Preez (Consultant) on the `Rehabilitation of Lot 123, Lang Lang, May 1978'; report on Hard Rock Quarrying, 28 September 1973; manuscript notes on `Principles of Extractive Industries, 1973; report to NTA/Vic on `Inspection Tour of Arthur's Seat and Red Hill Area, 17 September 1973 (includes brief manuscript note); list of names (manuscript); typescript draft of policy atatement on pollution signed by Dewar Goode (undated); Programme for Committee of Review on Hard Rock Quarrying in the Dandenongs - Lysterfield Proposal Hearing, 26 September 1973 (Dewar Goode to speak); minutes and policy statements by Lysterfield Conservation Society and Ferntree Gully Conservation Association regarding quarrying in the Dandenongs (with some manuscript annotations); various manuscript notes dealing with aspects of hard rock quarrying in the Dandenongs, 29 June 1973; brief typescript notes re mining entitled `History (Continued)' with manuscript note `Where is the rest of this?' (undated); manuscript notes re personal observations of mine reclamation, 7 December, 1990. Reports: `Answers to Written Submissions' on Lysterfield Hills by Peter Spooner, 31 August 1973; `Lysterfield Hills [-. Report on Submissions', by R. J. Elliot, Chairman, Committee of Review, Hard Rock Quarrying; `Extractive Industry [-. Statement on Communique Dated 1 October 1973', photocopy of manuscript notes by B. C. Jones; `A Quarry Industry View of the 'Statement of Planning Policy No. 3 - Dandenong Ranges 1971' Presented to the Institute of Engineers, Australia, Victorian Division, Environmental Branch', 21 June 1973; `Lysterfield Hills Impact Study', `presented by the Committee of Review for Hard Rock Quarrying', 6 September 1972. Press Clippings: [Source Unknown. : 'WA's passive resisters', by Jan Mayman 5 February 1979. Age: 'Alwest start in January: Court', 29 May 1978 (clipping with brief manuscript notes attached); 'Politics intrinsic in conservation', Letter to Editor by S. L. Stoltz (Fern Tree Gully Conservation Association), 21 July 1973; 'Government May Save Natural Beauty Spot from Sale as Quarry', 1 September 1958. Herald: 'Bulldozers Give Way to Beauty', by Reg MacDonald, 27 October 1966.

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1958 - 1990    Quantity 1.7 cm, 1 file
Formats General Correspondence, Reports, News Clippings and Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier GOOD00528 Box Number 56 Series 16
GOOD00529 Lang Lang Sandpit Proposal

Reports: `Application for Extractive Industry Licence [. . . . Proposed Sand Pit, Lang Lang', by Albion Reid Pty. Ltd. , May 1975 (includes maps and brief manuscript note by Dewar Goode).

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1975    Quantity 0.9 cm, 1 file
Formats Maps and Proposals and/or Submissions
Inventory Identifier GOOD00529 Box Number 56 Series 16
GOOD00530 Photographs - Lang Lang?

Photographs: series of unmounted colour prints, no dates or identification; 3 unmounted black and white photographs, dated April 1974, no identification; one aerial photograph of `Grantville Area, 2 December 1988, black and white photos mounted on paper with manuscript annotations, 17 June 1975 (no identification) Dewar Goode: brief manuscript notes on mine rehabilitation, dated c19-20 November 1987; transparency [map of land holdings?. .

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1974 - 1987    Quantity 0.7 cm, 1 file
Formats Loose Notes and Loose Photographic Prints
Inventory Identifier GOOD00530 Box Number 56 Series 16
GOOD00531 Red Rocks Reserve Appeal - Colac

Correspondence: Dewar Goode to Director CCV: David Westlake to Nicholas White, M. Hogan and Dewar Goode (includes copy of Westlakes' official `Objection to Grant of Planning Permit' for Red Rock): I. A. E. Bayly to Chairman, EPA. Dewar Goode: manuscript notes on `Principles of Extractive Industries', c`1973-6'; extensive manuscript notes on extractive industries and mine rehabilitation (most appear to be c1976; typescript notes on `Red Rock Complex of Lakes, Craters and Cones', dated 9 August 1987 (also draft of same); typescript notes on arguments in support of CCV appeal; request for reimbursement of costs incurred in Red Rock Appeal; manuscript and notes and typescript draft of letter to Age on Red Rock Complex, 17 August 1987; manuscript notes on inverted cone mining; typescript notes marked `background notes and points of objection' (undated). Press Clippings:Age: 'Volcanic lake quarry operators await permit', by Leith Young 1 August 1987. Colac Herald: :'`We'll Repair Quarry'' 14 June 1985 (photocopy). Reports: Colac and District Management Plan for Red Rock Scenic Reserve, by David Westlake, President, Shire of Colac Bicentennial Community Committee, (undated); `Engineer's Report - Red Rock Reserve Proposed Management Plan' 9 June 1987; further Engineer's reports dated 14 July 1986 and 10 March 1987; report of the Extractive Industries Advisory Committee. Publications: 'Project Aqua: A source book of inland waters proposed for conservation', by H. Luther and J. Rzoska (published by Backwell Scientific Publications, Oxford for the International Biological Programme). Minutes: Shire of Colac Monthly Meeting, 10 March 1987; Extractive Industries Advisory Committee Meeting, Colac Shire Offices, 5 August 1986.

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1973 - 1987    Quantity 1 cm, 1 file
Formats General Publications, Graphs, Drafts, Reports, Loose Notes and Photocopied Documents
Inventory Identifier GOOD00531 Box Number 56 Series 16
GOOD00532 Extractive Industries Appeals - Almurta

Correspondence: Manager, Client Services for the Registrar, Administrative Appeals Tribunal of Victoria (includes formal notice of withdrawal of appeal by Dewar Goode); Robbie Viglietti; Peter A. Barro; C. Wyndham; Seton, Williams and Smyth (Barristers and Solicitors); Mark Paton; Alastair Kellock; Jef Bennet, Manger, Planning and Development, Shire of BAss to Dewar Goode: Dewar Goode to Director, CCV (includes various documents and manuscript notes on aspects of and objections to extractive industries); John Gertsakis: J. H. Oates to Robbie Viglietti. Dewar Goode: expenses report marked `In regard to alteration and modification of Permit to comply with EPA and Rural Water Commission Guidelines, discussed on site over period 10 August - 6 December 1990' [Almurta, Shire of Bass. , (includes phone bill); manuscript list of `people I contacted in regard to the Grantville project' (undated); manuscript notes re Grantville sand deposit, 17 February 1991; brief manuscript notes - log of telephone calls? - all January 1991; manuscript draft of letter re open-channel creek diversion at Almurta, 15 December 1990; manuscript draft of report on `on-site discussion of the extractive industry proposed at Almurta' 20 November 1990; manuscript notes re telephone conversation with Peter BArro, 20 December 1990; extensive manuscript notes, draft letters and lists dealing with various aspects of Almurta appeal, most dated November or December 1990; Notice of Appeal (Schedule 1) by Dewar Goode to the Administrative App3eals Tribunal of Victoria; series of manuscript notes regarding Almurta appeal dated August to December 1990. Press Clippings:Sunday Herald: 'Environment Laws Costly - Report' by Brett Wright 9 December 1990. Photographs: 3 black and white photographs in an envelope marked `National. Trust - Mt. Sugarloaf before takeover'. Plans: `Water Budget - diagrammatic only', shows water control system for Almurta? (undated). Proposals: formal proposal to the Shire of Bass by Vigliettis for approval to operate an extractive industry at Almurta site, 9 August 1990 (followed by `Notice of Application to Grant a Permit' dated 13 August 1990.

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1973 - 1991    Quantity 1.9 cm, 1 file
Formats General Correspondence, Loose Notes and Loose Photographic Prints
Inventory Identifier GOOD00532 Box Number 56 Series 16
GOOD00533 Lysterfield

Correspondence: Dewar Goode to Chairman, NTA. Dewar Goode: typescript notes re scenic value of Mt. Sugarloaf, Camperdown; various manuscript notes re objections to scoria and hard rock quarrying, some dated 29 September 1979.

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1979    Quantity 0.2 cm, 1 file
Formats Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier GOOD00533 Box Number 56 Series 16
GOOD00534 Lang Lang 1991 - Foundry Wastes

Dewar Goode: various manuscript notes dated May - July 1991 re water contamination at Lang Lang.

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1991    Quantity 0.3 cm, 1 file
Formats Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier GOOD00534 Box Number 56 Series 16
GOOD00535 Lang Lang Rehabilitation

Reports: 'Lang Lang Sand Pit . . . Landscape Restoration Proposals for Albion Reid Pty Ltd', list of recommendations (undated - 1975?). Photographs: 1 envelope of negatives marked `Lang Lang'; extensive collection of photographs, colour and black & white, unmounted and mounted on paper, most with manuscript annotations, all detailing the restoration process at Lang Lang, dated 1974-5.

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1974 - 1975    Quantity 2.8 cm, 2 files
Formats Reports and Mounted Photographic Prints
Inventory Identifier GOOD00535 Box Number 56 Series 16
GOOD00536 Mining - Publications and Reports

Publications: 'Conservation and Mining', Australian Conservation Foundation, Special Publication No. 8, 1972 (Papers presented to ACF Symposium, University of Sydney, 20 February 1971); `Planning Guidelines for Responsible Authorities for Exploration and Mining Activities', published by Department of Minerals and Energy, Ministry for Planning and Environment, March 1984, reprinted June 1987; `Let's put Victoria back on the Map!', Victoria Chamber of Mines promotional circular, 1987?; `Minerals and Energy Statistics', government publication (source unidentified); `Environmental Management and Rehabilitation of Modern Day Minesites', by Denis R. Brooks, Manager, Environmental Affairs, Associated Minerals Consolidated Ltd, Perth, WA, 1987; `Ballarat East Proposal: Summary Broadsheet on the Environmental Effects Statement, November 1987', Ballarat Goldfields Ltd (also Erratum No. 1 to Ballarat Goldfields Proposal [full report. ); `Mining on Public Land' by David Robertson, published in Trust News (undated); page from Japanese tourist leaflet [?. with manuscript note re soil conservation work on Japanese hillsides; `Give Thanks for Bauxite' by Donna Mroz, Transair magazine, May 1982 (also article on `The Red Heart' from same issue). Reports: untitled, undated report on mining in Kakadu, 1984?; survey of `ordinary members' of the Victorian Chamber of Mines, September-October 1987; submission to Alpine Area Planning Commission from Victorian Chamber of Mines, August, 1987; Victorian Chamber of Mines `VCMEMO' internal report newsletter, August 1987; Victorian Chamber of Mines report on the Mining Rehabilitation Workshop, Maryborough, Victoria, 12 October 1987; 'The Benambra Project - Wilga and Currawong' a `summary of the Environmental Effects Statement for the proposed project, December, 1987.

Creator Dewar Wilson Goode
Date range 1972 - 1987    Quantity 1 cm, 1 file
Formats General Publications, Ephemera and Reports
Inventory Identifier GOOD00536 Box Number 56 Series 16

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