Series 5 - Robert D. Hill - Associates including Mark Oliphant - correspondence and papers

Date Range1945 - 2001
Quantity1 cm, 1 Folder
ProvenanceRobert Dickson Hill

This series includes a small number of letters received by Robert Hill from Sir Mark Oliphant, Australian physicist. It also includes letters received by Robert Hill from T. S. Laby and Les Martin, physicists, and G. M. Trevelyan, British historian.

Inventory Listing

R.D. Hill: Obituaries / Professional letters etc
Part 1 of 2 - Correspondence from Mark Oliphant and others

Assorted correspondence received by Robert Hill from Mark Oliphant, George Macaulay Trevelyan, Les Martin and T. S. Laby. Years of correspondence are as follows:
From Mark Oliphant, 1946, 1947, 1951, 1988, 1990 and 1991;
From T. S. Laby, 1946;
From G. M. Trevelyan, 1947;
From Les Martin, 1958.

Photocopies, includes duplicates.

Also contains two items of correspondence from Robert Hill to Jan Roberts Billett, dated 2001.

The records listed above were originally housed in a folder together with the contents of Inventory Item HILR00053, Series 1 - Family Correspondence. For preservation purposes, the material was divided into two part files during processing. The folder was retained in Part 1.

Creator Janet Roberts Billett
Date range 1946 - 2001    Quantity 1 cm, 1 Folder
Formats News Clippings and Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier HILR00052 Box Number 3 Series 5
RD Hill: Associates

News clippings and other records regarding Mark Oliphant, R. G. ('Ron') Stansfield and Eric Burhop. Records include transcribed letters from R. G. Stansfield to Robert D. Hill, dated August 1945. Also contains news clippings regarding Wilfred Burchett, Australian journalist known for his reporting of conflicts in Asia.

During processing, the photographic material included in this file was removed from the file and rehoused separately (documentation of photographs was retained on file). Researchers interested in viewing this photographic material are advised that the relevant UMA control codes are CP/2,114 and CP/2,115 (colour photographic prints).

Originally housed in a folder inscribed 'RD Hill: Associates'. For preservation purposes, the contents were removed from the folder during processing.

Creator Janet Roberts Billett
Date range 1945 - 2000    Quantity 1 cm, 1 Folder
Formats General Correspondence, News Clippings, Loose Photographic Prints and Photocopied Documents
Inventory Identifier HILR00055 Box Number 3 Series 5
'Oral History' (transcript of interview) and other records

Transcript of Jan Roberts Billett's interview with Robert D. Hill, carried out in July 2000. Transcript is entitled 'Oral History'. Also related notes by, and correspondence with, Rod Home, from the Department of History and Philosophy of Science at the University of Melbourne.

Note: selected items from this file are photocopies, created during archival processing. The original documents have been retained by Janet Roberts Billett. See notes on file.

Also contains assorted papers pertaining to Mark Oliphant and Eric Burhop, including correspondence and obituaries.

Creator Janet Roberts Billett
Date range c. 1990 - c. 2000    Quantity 1 cm, 1 Folder
Formats General Correspondence, Drafts, News Clippings, Loose Notes and Photocopied Documents
Inventory Identifier HILR00056 Box Number 3 Series 5

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