Series 13 - Zoological Gardens and Acclimatisation Society

Date Range1862 - 1960
Quantity17.3 cm, 4 files
ProvenanceLe Souëf Family

This series consists of newspaper clippings, photographs, loose notes and artefacts all relating to the Zoological Gardens of Melbourne and the Acclimatisation Society (later known as the Acclimatisation and Zoological Society). Included are newspaper clippings and photographs of Mr A.A.W. Wilkie, who succeeded the late W.H.D. Le Souëf as director of the Melbourne Zoo in 1923, as well as a fine collection of newspaper clippings collated by A.A.C. Le Souëf documenting the development and establishment of the Zoological Gardens and the Zoological Societies. A number of keys to animal cages and buildings at the Melbourne Zoo (many of which are unidentified), can also be found within this series.

Inventory Listing

13-001 Notebook with Newspaper Clippings - A.A.C. Le Souëf

This item consists of one bound vol. containing newspaper clippings collected by A.A.C. Le Souëf relating to the Zoological Gardens and the Acclimatization Society of Victoria. The majority of the articles include the annual, monthly and weekly public meetings, council meetings of the Acclimatization Society (later to be renamed the Zoological and Acclimatization Society) and the meeting proceedings. Also includes letters to the editor in reference to the Zoological Gardens and the Acclimatization Society on issues such as the establishment of the zoo, the introduction of animals and birds to the zoo, the development of Royal Park and its gardens, policies and the progress of the society and Zoological Gardens. Contains the minutes of the proceedings of the legislative council of the Zoological and Acclimatization Incorporation Bill.

There are also newspaper articles on the acclimatisation of new animals and birds into Australia and the Zoological Gardens including salmon, alpaca, angora rabbits, oysters, ostrich farming, deer, as well as plant life such as the Spanish chestnut. The note book documents the animals and birds housed at the zoo over the years. Within the notebook there are two black and white mounted photographs, one of a rhinoceros.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1862 - 1925, most 1862-1902    Quantity 6 cm, 1 volume
Formats General Publications, Drafts, Reports, News Clippings, Published Papers or Articles and Loose Photographic Prints
Inventory Identifier A081 Box Number 40 Series 13
13-002 Acclimatisation Society Receipt Book - Used as A.A. Wilkie's Book

This file consists of a collection of newspaper articles and photographs on Mr Andrew Arthur Wellesley Wilkie, Director of the Zoological Gardens, a postion which he occupied from 1923 to 1935.
The newspaper articles cover the time from when he was appointed director of the zoological gardens up until his retirement, including his work at the zoo and his personality profile. There are also articles concerning the conditions of the zoo, improvements, deaths of animals, animal escapes, the zoo site, and articles on other members of the Wilkie Family.

There are also 26 black and white photographs, mounted, taken at the Zoological Gardens, with Mr Wilkie and various animals and other figures. All photographs are unlabelled.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1917 - 1949?    Quantity 4.8 cm, 1 item 43x28.5cm
Formats General Publications, News Clippings and Loose Photographic Prints
Inventory Identifier A197 Box Number 40 Series 13
13-003 Acclimatisation and the Zoological Society

This file consists of an exercise book which contains rough notes on the history of the Zoological Gardens, the acclimatisation of animals into the zoo and Australia, and the establishment of the Zoological Society of Victoria. Possibly belonging to J.C. Le Souëf.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range c. 1960, not dated    Quantity 0.5 cm, 1 file
Formats Notebooks
Inventory Identifier A233 Box Number 41 Series 13
13-004 Keys to the Zoo - Animals Cages

One box that contains 122 keys, mostly unlabelled. The keys identified include: keys to the parrots, chimpanzees, monkeys, magpies and deer cages; central ticket office, main gate, inter truck, main gate stile keys, rail gate stile keys, carpentery shop, rail gate and kiosk keys, office mortice, blacksmith's shop, office safe and filing cabinets, petrol bowser, store keys and bird hospital. Also includes one lock made by Lockwood Australia.

Creator Le Souëf Family
Date range 1930? - 1950?    Quantity 6 cm, 1 box
Formats Artefacts or Objects/Realia
Inventory Identifier A199 Box Number 41 Series 13

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