5 - Mary Lilias Matheson nee McLaren

Date Range1880 - 1971

Mary Lilias Matheson was born in 1880 and educated at Presbyterian Ladies' College 1889. She attended the University of Melbourne and became a member of the celebrated women student's club the Princess Ida Club. Mary was also part of the '98 Brigade of Friendship group of ten women who came from Presbyterian Ladies' College. These included: Elizabeth Lothian; Abigail Warden; Ethel McLean; Marion Phillips; Alice Cuning; Ella Toban; Ida Wilson; Nellie Campbell; Lillian Webster; Mary McLaren; Jessie Webb; Ethel MacDonald; Enid Derham; Gertrude Pratt; Hilda Kendall; Laura Weir; May Russell. The group remained close and in constant contact after graduating.

In 1908, Mary became the first House Mistress of Junior House (later 'Koorinya') at Presbyterian Ladies' College. She resigned from the school when she married Captain Charles Matheson in October 1914. The couple had three children Marjory, Charles and John. Her prevailing interest in religion, community and current affairs never wavered and Mary published the four Gospels and the Acts of Gospels 1936-1946. Mary died in 1971.

ReferencesConversation with Marjory Miller, 1999 and 2000.
Series20  Mary Lilias Matheson nee McLaren - Correspondence 1898 - 1969
21  Mary Lilias Matheson nee McLaren - Personal Papers 1902 - 1907
22  Mary Lilias Matheson nee McLaren - Photographs 1898 - 1993
23  Mary Lilias Matheson nee McLaren - Publications 1940 - 1959
24  Marjory Miller nee Matheson - Correspondence 1936 - 1972
25  Marjory Miller nee Matheson - Miscellaneous Papers 1956 - 1957

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