Series 4 - Samuel Gilfillan McLaren - Sermons and Notes

Date Range1887 - 1888
Quantity2 cm
ProvenanceSamuel Gilfillan McLaren

This series consists of Samuel Gilfillan McLaren's sermons and includes: hand-written church sermons and notes on biblical scriptures for sermons; acceptance speech.

Includes reference to: religion and McLaren's appointment as Principal of the Presbyterian Ladies' College.


Inventory Listing

MCLA00010 Samuel Gilfillan McLaren's Sermons, 1887-1888

File contains miscellaneous church sermons written and delivered by Samuel Gilfillan McLaren to his congregation at Coburg during 1887 and 1888. Titles inscribed include: "Supper at Bethamp", 6 March 1887; "Know the King", 19 June 1887; ""God so Loved the World", various dates; "Induction Address", Camberwell 30 August 1887 and Essendon 29 March 1887; "The Lot is Cast into the Lap", 14 and 21 August 1887; "Creation of Woman Garden of Eden", 12 August 1888; "When he giveth greatness who then can make trouble", 7 August 1888; "The Building of the wall" and including McLaren's acceptance of his appointment to the Presbyterian Ladies' College, 24 November 1888.

Creator Samuel Gilfillan McLaren
Date range 1887 - 1888    Quantity 1 cm, 1 File
Formats Loose Notes
Inventory Identifier MCLA00010 Box Number 1 Series 4
MCLA00011 Samuel Gilfillan McLaren's Notebook

Samuel Gilfillan McLaren's notebook (18 x 11 cm.) contains notes on various biblical scriptures for sermons, date unkown.

Creator Samuel Gilfillan McLaren
Quantity 1 cm, 1 File Formats Notebooks
Inventory Identifier MCLA00011 Box Number 1 Series 4

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