1 - Philip Crosbie Morrison

Date Range19 December 1900 - 1 March 1958
Related Provenance
GrandchildJanet Morrison
WifeLucy Crosbie Morrison (1905 - 2005?)

1900 - Born 19 December, Auburn, Victoria.

1907-1913 - Primary education at Auburn State School.

1914-1917 - Secondary education at University High School.

1916 - "Malvolio" in UHS production of Twelfth Night.

1917 - School Leaving Certificate (Physics and Chemistry).

1918-1919 - Teacher in the preparatory school, Wesley College, Melbourne.

1918-1919 - Member of Field Naturalists Club of Victoria (for 18 months before resigning for health reasons). Joined again in 1937, Honorary Secretary 1918-1919, President 1941-1943.

1919 - School Leaving Certificate (English).

1920 - Working Mens College.

1921-1924 - BSc, University of Melbourne (conferred 12 April 1924). Awarded the Baldwin Spencer Prize for excellence in practical zoology in 1st year and later the Godfrey Howitt Natural History Scholarship.

1925-1926 - MSc in marine zoology, University of Melbourne (conferred 17 April 1926).

1925 - Member and journalist for The Argus on the Great Barrier Reef Committee Expedition, under the direction of Charles Hedley, Australian Museum.

1925-1939 - Journalist for The Argus. PCM's work including the columns 'Nature Notes and Queries' and 'Notes for Boys' following in the stead of Donald MacDonald and Alex Chisholm.

1930 - 8 March, married Lucy F. Washington.

- Expedition member of the MacKay aerial survey of Central Australia.

1931 - 30 January, birth of first son, Philip Thomas Crosbie Morrison.

1933 - 24 August birth of second son, James Crosbie Morrison.

1938 - Royal Society of Victoria and Savage Club (Member).

1938-1954 - Editor of Wild Life, a magazine founded by Sir Keith Murdoch and Sir Russell Grimwade.

- From November, weekly Sunday night radio broadcast nature talks on 3DB, relayed throughout Australia and New Zealand

1939-1950 - Lecturer in Natural History, University of Melbourne Extension Board.

1939 - 3 September, appointed Victoria's District Censor for War

1939-1940 - Director, Department of Information Broadcast Division. Established "Australia Calling", precursor to Radio Australia

1940-1944 - Honorary Lecturer in Natural History, Army Education Service (also to the Navy and Airforce)

1942-1958 - Nature study broadcasts to schools for the Australian Broadcasting Commission

1943 - Involved in the Establishment of the Hawthorn Junior Field Naturalists' Club

1945-1954 - Deputy Chairman, National Museum Trustees, Melbourne

1946 - Melbourne's Garden (Published by Melbourne University Press; Revised edition 1957 by Cambridge University Press)

1947 - Australian Natural History Medallion

- Lecture Tour to Japan

1947-1956 - Played a key role in the establishment of National Parks Authority in Victoria. Commenced work on FNCV subcommittee on National Parks in 1947(?). This developed into the Victorian National Parks Association in 1953.

1949-1950 - President of the Royal Society of Victoria

1951 - Elected to membership of the Rotary Club of Melbourne

1951-1953 - Foundation President of the British Astronomical Association, Victorian Branch

1952 - Member of the Royal Australian Ornithological Union expedition to Central Australia

1953-1958 - Foundation President of the Victorian National Parks Association (Inaugural public meeting, July 1953)

1954-1957 - Special writer for The Argus

1956 - The National Parks Act passed by the Victorian Government.

1957 - Visited New Zealand for ANZAAS conference (January /February)

1957-1958 - Director of the Victorian National Parks Authority (appointed in May)

1958 - An Australian Bird Book by J.A. Leach DSc, Revised by P. Crosbie Morrison (Published, Ninth Edition)

1958 - Died 1 March, Melbourne, Victoria

1961 - Along the Track with Crosbie Morrison (Published excerpts from his radio broadcasts), edited by Lucy F Morrison

1961 - Nature Talks to New Zealanders (Published excerpts from his radio broadcasts)

1966 - The Junior Naturalists (Published excerpts from his radio broadcasts)

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