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Publication Dates of Early Scientific Journals in Victoria - Endnotes

1. Australian Builder & Land Advertiser contains advance advertisements for Illust. Melb. Fam. News notifying that No. 1 will appear on 1 September; I have seen No. 2 dated 8 September and No. 4 dated 22 September; No. 3 presumably appeared dated 15 September. [Return to page 96]

2. Although publication and distribution was effected in September 1855 additional copies continued to be bound and distributed well into 1856. Both the delays prior to September 1855 and the drawn-out completion period were due to financial difficulties. This is indicated by the first report of the Council of the Philosophical Institute which states (PM2, xxi) that "At the amalgamation of the two societies . . . all the available funds of the Philosophical Society had been expended in the publication of their Transactions for 1854, and it was therefore attempted, by a private arrangement. . . . to publish Transactions [of the Philosophical Society] for 1855." Mr. Wekey, a secretary of the Philosophical Society had undertaken "the responsibility of publishing them by private subscription" (see newspaper entries by J. J. Blundell & Co. above) but had "incurred a debt" (PM2, xvi) which the Philosophical Institute adopted at its meeting on 28 November 1855 (l.c.). The minutes of council meetings of the Philosophical Institute for 29 March and 2 April 1856 record correspondence between Mr. Wekey and the Institute concerning the reprinting of portions out of print and the binding of further copies. Council minutes of 7 May 1856 report the receipt of 134 copies from the binders and those of 7 June 1856 report the tabling of a memorandum showing the distribution of eleven copies. [Return to page 100]

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