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Week 06: Records and Evidence Part 2

Lecturer: Gavan McCarthy
Image of Week 06: Records and Evidence Part 2
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Date: 1 Sep 2004 1pm
Location: Old Arts Theatre B
Dealing with records in electronic or digital environments. Introducing the concepts of context and order and the requirements for security and authenticity.

Lecture Notes

Tutorial Exercises

  • Are electronic records inherently more risky than 'paper' records? Come to the tutorial prepared to participate in a debate on this topic.
  • Give examples of how electronic records might not satisfy 'full and accurate' criteria.

Lab Exercise

  • "Well done" - Was this email message really the key to the unraveling of the Iran Contra affair or is it a bit of an urban myth? Use the Web and/or other sources to find out.
  • Comment on the search tools you used - search engines, directories, subject gateways; the search queries that did (and did not) give results and evaluate your sources.
  • What did you learn about records and recordkeeping along the way?
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