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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 4

I Management Of Native Forests

II Plantations-high Productivity Resources

III Protecting The Resource

IV Harvesting The Resource

V Solid Wood And Its Processing

VI Minor Forest Products

VII Reconstituted Wood Products

VIII Pulp And Paper

IX Export Woodchips

X Future Directions

XI Acknowledgements



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The preparation of this chapter would not have been possible without the cooperation of the State forest services, the CSIRO Divisions of Building Research, Chemical and Wood Technology and Forest Research, industry and industry associations and the valuable advice provided by many helpful people including these Fellows of the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences -Mr. R. W. Henry, Drs. H. G. Higgins and W. E. Hillis, Mr. A. J. Pearson, Prof. L. D. Pryor, and Sir Henry Somerset.


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