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Technology in Australia 1788-1988Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering
Table of Contents

Chapter 7

I The First 100 Years 1788-1888

II Railways

III Motorised Vehicles

IV Aviation

V Modern Shipping

VI Innovative Small Craft

VII Conclusion

VIII Acknowledgements

IX Contributors



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Chapter 7 - Transport (continued)

At each stage of transport development, there has been an accompanying change in social relationships. Perhaps this is best illustrated by the social upheaval caused by the wide-spread use of the motor car. Virtually unrestricted movement within the road system gave rise to new concepts in town planning, in farm management and recreational activities. To a somewhat lesser extent the method and efficiency of new transport modes have had a similar impact on business and social life.

Modern society has altered its living patterns in response to advances in transport technology. Life-styles have been irrevocably changed by these events. Personal mobility and employment mobility are now an accepted part of life, and the vast distances, which for so long isolated Australia from the rest of the world, have been overcome by the aeroplane. The world has become a smaller place through transport technology.

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