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Queenscliff Marine Station (1990 - )

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Function: Research Centre and Teaching Facility
Location: Melbourne, Victoria, Australia

The Queenscliff Marine Station was established as a collaboration between the University of Melbourne (Faculty of Science), Victorian Institute of Marine Sciences (VIMS), and Monash University, and the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, as a joint marine environmental research station in Victoria catering specifically for the needs of tertiary students and researchers. Deakin University and the Victoria University of Technology have since become partners in the Queenscliff Marine Station (QMS) consortium.

URL: The home page for this entity is located at http://rubens.its.unimelb.EDU.AU/zoology/qcliff/
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Queenscliff Marine Station provides office space, a teaching laboratory and lecture room, general laboratory space, and a laboratory dedicated to ecotoxicology, including two controlled light and temperature rooms. A range of scientific equipment is available to researchers and post-graduate students, and a flow-through seawater system serves both indoor, outdoor and benchtop aquaria. The library collection of the adjacent Victorian Fisheries Research Institute is available to researchers, post-graduate students and lecturers by arrangement. The facility also provides training for undergraduate and post-graduate students. Undergraduate courses in temperate marine ecology and marine botany are conducted each year. These courses involve field work, lectures and laboratory sessions. Courses are also conducted at Queenscliff for off-campus students.


The University of Melbourne supplies two relocatable buildings that are erected on site at Queenscliff. These buildings provided office and laboratory space to the consortium for the ensuing 3 years.

20 February 1991

Aquarium building is completed - Minister for Conservation and Environment, the Hon. Steve Crabb, officially opens the facilities. Financial support was received from BHP Petroleum Pty Ltd and Esso Australia Ltd in establishing the aquarium system.

January 1995

Construction of a new marine ecotoxicology laboratory at Queenscliff completed. Construction began in August 1994.

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