The Brown Family Guide to Records

Item Description
BROW00001 Family Trees View
BROW00002 Ian's BSc (and other certificates for Gilbert Brown) View
BROW00003 Ian's Death, Funeral, Power of Attorney and related materials View
BROW00004 Gilbert Brown, Esq., CBE View
BROW00005 Diploma of Anaesthesia View
BROW00006 Family Tree Charts View
BROW00007 Brown Family - Photographs View
BROW00008 Family Tree Charts View
BROW00009 Family Tree Notes View
BROW00010 Photographs, Letters and Lectures View
BROW00011 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 1 View
BROW00012 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 2 View
BROW00013 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 3 View
BROW00014 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 4 View
BROW00015 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 5 View
BROW00016 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 6 View
BROW00017 News Clippings and Photographs of Marie Brown View
BROW00018 Gwen Brown View
BROW00019 Letters and Personalia - File 1 View
BROW00020 Letters and Personalia - File 2 View
BROW00021 Letters and Personalia - File 3 View
BROW00022 Letters and Personalia - File 4 View
BROW00023 Letters and Personalia - File 5 View
BROW00024 Letters and Personalia - File 6 View
BROW00025 Caroline (Carrie) Haase - File 1 View
BROW00026 Caroline (Carrie) Haase - File 2 View
BROW00027 Caroline (Carrie) Haase - File 3 View
BROW00028 Certificates - Ian Brown View
BROW00029 School Photos - Ian Brown View
BROW00030 Photographs and Miscellaneous - Gilbert and Marie Brown - File 1 View
BROW00031 Photographs and Miscellaneous - Gilbert and Marie Brown - File 2 View
BROW00032 Photographs and Miscellaneous - Gilbert and Marie Brown - File 3 View
BROW00033 Scrap Books and Miscellaneous - Marie Brown View
BROW00034 CBE Papers, June 1953 View
BROW00035 Miscellaneous Brown Family Items View
BROW00036 Mary Lowe's Estate View
BROW00037 Papers - Gilbert Brown View
BROW00038 Miscellaneous Brown Family Papers View
BROW00039 Papers - Gilbert Brown View
BROW00040 Will of W.D. Brown and letters concerning his Estate View
BROW00041 Inkpen Estate View
BROW00042 Correspondence - Ian and Donald Brown View
BROW00043 Brown Genealogy View
BROW00044 Mary Gidlow Brown Estate View
BROW00045 List of Shares - 13 June 1957 View
BROW00046 Marie's Poem on Birth in the Slums View
BROW00047 Papers - W.D. Brown, W.L. Lowe-Brown, Gilbert Brown and Marie Brown View
BROW00048 Correspondence - Ian Brown and D.A. Brown View
BROW00049 Simpson Data View
BROW00050 Miscellaneous Items - Brown Family View
BROW00051 Photographs and Miscellaneous Items - Brown Family View
BROW00052 "Commonplaces" Book View
BROW00053 Photograph Album View
BROW00054 Photograph Album View
BROW00055 Photograph Album View
BROW00056 Photograph Album View
BROW00057 1914 Diary - Gilbert Brown View
BROW00058 Books View
BROW00059 Bush Ballads View
BROW00060 Colour Photographs View
BROW00061 Miscellaneous Photographs - Gwen, Richard and Christine Brown View
BROW00062 Sketch Book - Ian Brown View
BROW00063 Slides - File 1 View
BROW00064 Slides - File 2 View
BROW00065 Cassette Tapes - Ian and Gwen Brown View
BROW00066 Film Canister - Ian Brown View