The Brown Family Guide to Records

  • Ian's Death, Funeral, Power of Attorney and related materials

  • 1859 - 1992
  • File inscribed 'Ian's Death, Funeral etc', containing: death certificate, Gwen Marjorie Brown, 14 February 1992; small notebook (Book No 2), containing share information, 1970s-c1985; copy of income tax return, Dr Ian Brown, 1 July 1986 to 30 June 1987; letter from Kiddle Briggs Solicitors to Richard Brown, regarding the estate of Ian Brown, copy of Will attached, 2 March 1988; photocopy Power of Attorney documentation from Gwen Marjorie Brown to Ian Brown; photocopy of Administration Order appointing Richard Brown the Administrator of the estate of Gwen Marjorie Brown, 15 March 1988; Certificate of Cremation of Gwen Marjorie Brown, 17 February 1992; copy of last Will and Testament of Gwen Marjorie Brown, 21 June 1967; copy of inventory of assets of Ian Brown, 27 November 1987; typed message for Gwen Brown, after her death,1992; death registration of Ian Brown, 31 August 1987; Letters of Administration in the probate jurisdiction in the will and estate of Ian Brown, 10 February 1988; letter from Kiddle Briggs Solicitors to Richard Brown regarding the estate of Ian Brown, including a full copy of their trust ledger, 19 December 1989; 2 letters and 6 cards expressing sympathy at the deaths of Ian Brown (1987) and Gwen Brown (1992); letter to Ian and Gwen Brown from the Australian Broadcasting Commission, 15 September 1975; 6 notes of sympathy on Ian Brown's death, 1987; note of sympathy on Gwen Brown's death, 1992; letter and card from Guy Waddington to Ian Brown and family, 27 November 1987; letter of sympathy on Ian's death, 1987; hand-written card containing information about Gwen Brown's health, March 1981 -1984; extract of death registration, Ian Brown, 31 August 1987; letter and certificate of cremation, Ian Brown, 1987; 4 page hand-written copy of eulogy for Ian Brown, 3 September 1987; death and funeral notices for Ian Brown, 'The Age', Melbourne, 1 September 1987; typed letter to Richard Brown from John Lane, including copy of obituary for Ian Brown to be published in 'Chemistry in Australia', 17 September 1987; photograph of Ian Brown and rowing team from Collegiate School of St. Peter, 1934; hand-written card detailing appointments for November 1986; hand-written card detailing appointments for December 1985; and, hand-written card detailing medical information about Ian Brown, June 1986.
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