The Brown Family Guide to Records

Series 5 - Photographs

Date range1900s - 1940s
Quantity42.2 cm, 13 files, 4 albums
ProvenanceIan Brown Family

Loose prints, mounted and framed black and white photographs of Ian Brown and family, some labelled. Family subjects, including early family photos, school, team and ski trip photos. Includes four albums of photographs.


Inventory Listing

Item Description
BROW00007 Brown Family - Photographs View
BROW00011 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 1 View
BROW00012 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 2 View
BROW00013 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 3 View
BROW00014 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 4 View
BROW00015 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 5 View
BROW00016 Photos - Ian/Miscellaneous - File 6 View
BROW00029 School Photos - Ian Brown View
BROW00053 Photograph Album View
BROW00054 Photograph Album View
BROW00055 Photograph Album View
BROW00056 Photograph Album View
BROW00060 Colour Photographs View
BROW00061 Miscellaneous Photographs - Gwen, Richard and Christine Brown View
BROW00063 Slides - File 1 View
BROW00064 Slides - File 2 View
BROW00066 Film Canister - Ian Brown View