Series 7 - Aeronautical Research Laboratories

Date Range1937 - 1987
ProvenanceLawrence Percival Coombes

Part 1 Prior to Arrival in Australia
Part 2 Correspondence
Part 3 Reports, Minutes, Notes
Part 4 Technical material
Part 5 Personal material, humour
Part 6 Photographs

Inventory Listing

7-1 'Report by H.E. Wimperis on the Inauguration of Aeronautical Research in Australia'

Original report leading to establishment of ARL, dated 21 December 1937, Commonwealth Government Publication, No.29, 28 April 1938.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 21 December 1937    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00170 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-2 'Australian post (not financial)'

Includes: Booklet for University of Melbourne Engineering School workshops inspection, 16 November 1939; Clipping from the Bulletin, 15 February 1939; Qualification from A. Levell; Letter of introduction for LPC from Australia House in London, 31 August 1938; Travel documents including letter outlining tickets from E.J. Whitcomb of United Air Lines, hotel bills from The Chamberlin and The Grosvenor, sketchy copy of statement of expenses by LPC, September 1938; Clipping from the Times, 18 August 1938; Letter of CSIR appointment from G. Lightfoot with copies of Acts; Report on visit to the USA and Canada, 27 October 1938; Clipping with identification torn, probably Evening News; Resignation letter to Chief Superintendent of RAE from LPC, draft?, 25 August 1938; Full statement of expenses to the Official Secretary, and travelling claims to the accountant; Five pay advice slips (Oct - Dec 1938), and refund to LPC, 21 November 1938; Descriptions of Melbourne, 24 August 1938 and outline of comparativecost of living. Correspondence, including telegrams, with: G.N. Patterson; A. Levell; D. Rivett to H.E. Wimperis; removalists John Barker and Co.; L.D. Gardner of the Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences; Universal Pictorial Press and Agency; D. Rivett; Copies of thanks dated 7 November 1938 to J.R. Addams, J.H. Parkin, G.W. Lewis, C.H. Chatfield, J.H. Kindelberger; H.E. Wimperis; J.F. Allan; O. Simmonds; C.H. Chatfield; W.L. Ruttig for G.L. Martin; Official Secretary, Australia House, 2 September 1938, including two carbons of letter of introduction; Nancy Coombes; V.C. Duncan; W. Attenborough; International Press-cutting Bureau; Clerical, Medical and General Life Assurance Society; H.M. Garner; Australia House; D.R. Pye; High Commissioner's Office; Alston; V.S. Gaunt; J. Gray; P. Gray to N. Coombes; Jock Taylor?; T.R.P. Hole.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1938 - 1939    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00171 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-3 Correspondence - the establishment of ARL; Notes on a visit to the USA and Canada

Originally in one file together, labelled by LPC 'Visits and Conversations prior to coming to Australia'. Correspondence: J.H. Parkin, Director, NRC Canada, Mechanical Engineering Division; extract re wind tunnel research, headed by Mr. Patterson's letter dated 3 November 1939); unsigned carbons of letters to D. Rivett (not from LPC), 1938. Also includes: Notes on trip September-October 1938 by G.P. Douglas, LPC, R.F. Alston, labelled 'Strictly confidential'; 'B.A. Departmental Note' - Tank No.8; 'Some notes on visit to USA and Canada', by LPC, November 1938.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range September 1938 - November 1938    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00172 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-4 Notes on visits 1938, 1939

Originally from folder labelled by LPC 'Visits and Conversations prior to coming to Australia'. Notes include: visits and talks at various Engineering Research establishments in England prior to coming to Australia; Talk with Mr. Esserman on mechanical test equipment, 28 March 1939; Notes on visit to Defence Department Laboratories at Maribynong, 27 April 1939.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 24 October 1938 - 27 April 1939    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00173 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-5 Correspondence - Sutcliffe, Speakman, Davies.

Original folder included with information on front. Note: All outward correspondence in the form of unsigned carbons from LPC unless otherwise stated. Correspondents include: F.A. Fox; J.D. Speakman, including list of addresses of agents requested from LPC; M.N.T. Gubbins; A.J. Gibson, copies; H.R.Hill and Sons Pty.Ltd and M.N.T. Gubbins; A.J. Gibson and M.N.T. Gubbins; Julius, Poole and Gibson; Cable from Sutcliffe Speakman; H.R. Hill; Sutcliffe Speakman; G.Julius; Kenneth Brown Baker Baker and Snowden, Neave & Demaine (solicitors); Snowden, Neave & Demaine, December 1943, with copy of Power of Attorney for Sutcliffe Speakman; H.R. Hill to J.G.B. McDonald; T.Andrew; H.R.Hill to Cropper and Andrew Pty.Ltd; H.R.Hill to Directorate of Materials Supply; H.R. Hill to Sutcliffe Speakman; E.R. Sutcliffe to H.R. Hill. Also includes: Extract from the Argus (typed) re the Overseas Corporation (Aust) Pty Ltd; Notes, 'Letters and Conversations with Mr. H.R. Hill' plus handwritten same; LPC notes on meeting with Gubbins, 10 January 1944.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1942 - 1955    Quantity 2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00174 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-6 Correspondence to LPC in Washington & London

Reports from H.A. Wills, 24/8, 10/8, 26/7, 12/7, 5/7, 20/6, 30/5, 16/5, 2/5; G.N. Patterson, 2/8, 26/7, 19/4; G.K. Batchelor, 19/7, 18/4.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1944    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00175 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-7 Trip to US, 1950 (authorizations)

Copy of letter from Department of State, Washington, to the Ambassador of Australia re LPC visits, 28 September 1950. Letter of introduction from the Australian High Commissioner's Office, Ottowa, 22 September 1950.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 22 September 1950 - 28 September 1950    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00176 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-8 Correspondence - Myer Music Bowl, invitations.

Thanks from M. Myer and K.Myer re Myer Music Bowl Invitations to functions: Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Defence Science, 7 October 1958; Guided Weapons Contractors Committee, 15 November 1957; Opening of the Sidney Myer Music Bowl, 12 February 1959; Commonwealth Advisory Committee on Defence Science, 22 October 1958; Government House - At Home, 13 October 1958.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 15 November 1957 - 18 February 1959    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00177 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-9 Correspondence - Personal File

All originally in a CSIRO folder, labelled as personal file. Correspondents include: J.E. Serby; M.B. Morgan; E.T. Jones; B. Squire; R.G. Harris; H.P. Matthews with carbon of reply; W. Isbister of Royal Aeronautical Society; V.F. Letcher; Controller, Research & Deveopment; A.M. Ballantyne; L. Gardner; Aviation Honors Committee re L. Gardner; R.R. Mackay; W.H. Wittrick; E.T. Jones; Letters from W.A.S. Butement and T.S. Keeble;A.V. Stephens; W.A.S. Butement; G.G. Schaefer; A.H. Wills. Also includes: Letter of recommendation re P.T. Fink to University of Sydney, 8 April 1960; Letter to Department of Supply, 1 July 1957 with letter from R.J. Rockliff; Resignation of R. Radoh, 30 May 1957; Thanks to H.A. Wills from K. Myer, 12 February 1957; Correspondence re trip, October 1956; Correspondence re British Commonwealth and Empire Lecture; Page 1 of letter re 'Press statements attributed to Messrs Coombes and Keeble' and letter from W.A.S. Butement on the subject, 9 April 1956; Invitation to the Official Opening of Wilson Hall on 22 April 1956, acceptance, 20 February 1956; Invitation from Lord and Lady Hives for 10 February 1956; Invitation for CAARC occasion on 19 December 1955; Invitation to the Official Delivery to the RAAF of the First Australian 'Winjeel' Trainer on 16 September 1955.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 8 October 1955 - 8 April 1960    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00178 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-10 Correpondence - Personal File

List headed 'Autographs - letters from', contains full names, titles and positions. This listing is in reverse alphabetical order from W.H. Wittrick onwards. Includes material regarding Fellowships of City and Guilds of London Institute and the Institute of Aeronautical Sciences, correspondents include: J.W. Voelcker; R.R. Dexter; L. Glauert; C.M. Focken. Correspondence from: W.H. Wittrick; E.T. Jones; M.A. Smith; J.R. Green; A.M. Ballantyne; K. Lewis; H.J. Brown; F.A. O'Connor; S.S. Hall; A. Fairhall; G. Jones; J. Storey; E. Lewis; H. Gepp; T. James; G.P. Bulman; A.E. Woodward-Nutt; R.S. Capon; H. Garner; H. Roxbee-Cox; R. Smelt; R.G. Casey; M.S. Thacker; D.E. Fairbairn; R.W. Gandy; W. Isbister; H.L. Dryden; A.V Stephens; L. Wackett; D. Hardman; D. McVey; J.H. Parkin; G.K. Batchelor; W.A.S. Butement; N.J. Hoff; I. Clunies Ross; D. Rivett; J. Connor; F. White.Also includes Invitation to the delivery of the Australian Sabre Jet Fighter on 30 August 1954.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 29 November 1951 - 29 September 1970    Quantity 0.7 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00179 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-11 Correspondence - Oddments

Originally from one unlabelled file. Correspondents include: H.A. Wills; D. McVey; P.L. Teed; G.N. Patterson; P. Young; B.G. Gates re LPC as CAARC delegate; M. Langley.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 9 September 1944 - 21 September 1959    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00180 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-12 Correspondence re retirement

Includes: Clipping from the Age, 3 April 1964; Letters from W.A.S. Butement, Hugh (University of Sydney), R. Potter, R. Radoh, F. David, B.G. Gates, A.E. Woodward-Nutt, 'Pubs' (with Tatts ticket), M. Carruthers (with 3 Tatts tickets), Angela, A. Deans, K. Scull, B. Brown, Woods, Ben, J.L. Knott, V.C. Smith, T. Ryland, M.M. Hutchinson, A. Fairhall (with copy of presentation speech by D.G. Anderson at retirement dinner), H.C. Levey; Presentation card; Farewell Dinner menu/programme including list of those present, 2 April 1964; Correspondence read at the dinner from A. Fairhall, the Secretary on behalf of the Air Board, F.S. Shaw, Sir John Jensen, F.A. O'Connor, S. Opray, B.W. Hartnell, E.L. Cook, J. Mills, list of apologies; Letters from G.D. Marshall, Jack Mc?, A. Butement, A. Fairhall (re AARC); list of attendance details at AARC farewell dinner; Messages from A.V. Stephens, Prof?, E. Hey, T.M. Cherry (2 notes), B.G. Gates, W.J. Wark, George, W.H. Connolly, I. McLennan, W.E.E. Langford, C.H.D. Harper (Secretary of Institution of Engineers), R.G.H. Irving re donations to Engineering and Science Equipment Appeal.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range October 1963 - April 1964    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00181 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-13 Correspondence - miscellaneous

Loose correspondence, not originally together. From: H.A. Wills; J. Spink; with photocopy of memo from LPC to D. Rivett re Bowden, carbon to R. Macdonald.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 19 September 1939 - 22 October 1982    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00182 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-14 Faculty of Engineering, University of Melbourne - Minutes and related matters

Includes notes by LPC on Faculty of Technology.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1944    Quantity 0.7 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00183 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-15 Report on 1944 travels (draft) - Part I

Draft: 'Report on a visit to Great Britain and the USA to study aeronautical research developments - to October 1944. by LPC and MWW' (Woods). LPC's trip was from 6 April 1944 to 7 October 1944. Note: pp .19-22 inclusive consist of several pieces of paper originally pinned together; photocopies show the original pages. Pages 23-28 are typed. Fragments of further draft of presumably different report on same topics. (More exists in Part II, 7/17.)

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1944    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00184 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-16 Report on 1944 travels (draft) - Part II

Lists of contacts (individuals, firms and establishments) in Britain, the USA and Canada; rough notes for reports; draft notes on visits to RAE, 16 May 1944, 18 May 1944; talk with Capt. Cooper 22 June 1944; two copies of 'Wing Tips', vol.I no.43, 3 September 1943 and vol.II no.19, 13 April 1944, newsletter on Engine Research issued to AERL and NACA in Cleveland; Minutes of meeting held 6 June 1944, Materials Dept, RAE, with LPC and Woods present; News release from Boeing A.C., 22 April 1944 re dedication of America's fastest large wind tunnel; Report from the Experimental Flying Dept 'Allocation of labour in E.F. shops and "Flights"'; memo entitled 'Planning and Progressing of Flight and Shops Work at RAE' dated 9 November 1943; LPC notes headed 'Future in Australia' and 'Organisational Proposals'; Reports by the Aeronautical Research Committee 'The Control and Management of a National Experimental Establishment for Aircraft and their Engines',
13 June 1944, and 'Proposed Central Postgraduate School of Aeronautical Science', 10 August 1943.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1943 - 1944    Quantity 0.7 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00185 Box Number 14 Series 7
7-17 Report on 1944 travels (draft) - Part II (continued).

All from one file, but also dealing with later matters: Further rough notes for a report beginning 'Salaries and conditions for staff', continuing 'Most effective use of manpower' and 'Best use of CSIR personnel'; Two letters from Wimperis to D. Rivett (referred to LPC) re the proposed British College of Aeronautics developments, 16 August 1944 and 25 September 1944, referred on 20 November 1944; Draft of a different report (other extracts in 7/15) consisting of, '5. Future Research in Australia; Post War Expenditure', '7. Research Establishments and Laboratories' and '8. Research Developments'; Report by J.E. Adamson on National Research Council, Ottawa, 18 and 19 October 1944; three jottings of references on Institute of Aeronautical Sciences paper; Further excerpts of notes; Memo to Acting Chief of Division of Aeronautics from G.B. Beresford re two papers sent, dated 16 August 1944, received 5 October 1944, and one of these reports, 'The Scientific Basis for the New British System of Cockpit Lighting' by E.S. Calvert; Reports 'Civil Flying Boats' by H.M. Garner for the Aerodynamics Sub-committee of the Aeronautical Research Committee, 28 July 1944; 'Seaplane Research and Development at MAEE' from MAEE Helensburgh, 29 July 1944.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1944    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00186 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-18 Non-technical reports - India 1960 / Review of tax measures affecting research.

'Note on a visit to India July-August 1960' by LPC printed by the Department of Supply; 'Evaluation of request by the Government of India for assistance in the establishment of a National Aeronautical Laboratory' by LPC dated August 1960; report 'Plan of Operation - United Nations Special Fund Project - India - National Aeronautical Laboratory - Bangalore', undated; 'Review of tax and other measures affecting research in various countries, with particular reference to Canada' by LPC, 29 June 165); pp. 5-19 inclusive, of report on Canadian industry, not by LPC, presumably used as research for the foregoing.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1960 - 1965    Quantity 1.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00187 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-19 ARL Annual Reports

1954-55 to 1962-63, 1964-65, 1971-72.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1954 - 1972    Quantity 3.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00188 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-20 ARL Annual Report to Staff


Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1960 - 1961    Quantity 3 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00189 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-21 ARL Publications

Various publications about the history and work of the ARL. Includes some publications on the Department of Supply.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1964 - 1979    Quantity 3 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00190 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-22 Articles about ARL and LPC

Articles on LPC and the work of the ARL, in publications Aircraft, The Aeroplane, Professional Officers' Association Chronicle, Engineering, Scodos, The Chartered Engineer. Also includes articles by LPC: 'ARL - Scientific Work on a world front', Aircraft, Nov 1964, pp.28-31; 'ARL - What of the Future?', Aircraft, Dec 1964, pp.22-23; 'Aeronautical Development in Australia and its Potential Contributions to the British Commonwealth', Twelfth British Commonwealth and Empire Lecture, Journal of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Feb 1957.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1946 - 1974    Quantity 3.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00191 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-23 General - ARL related

Various articles, extracts and documents relating to staff, projects and organisation of the ARL.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1962 - 1974    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00192 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-24 Clippings

Newspaper clippings about LPC and/or the ARL, from Australian newspapers.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1939 - 1963    Quantity 0.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00193 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-25 Technical material

Draft Project, Finned Cylinders; Memo to LPC 3 March 1940; Summary of Civil Transport Aviation Projects as at May 1944; Sundry blueprints.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1940    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00194 Box Number 15 Series 7
7-26 Publications & Duplicates

Includes magazines, annual reports, newspaper article by LPC, 'Safety is no Accident', Sydney Morning Herald, 8 September 1961, and photocopies of articles.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1952 - 1979    Quantity 5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00195 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-27 'WHAT, AGAIN?' bar

Polished wooden bar with 2 chains given to LPC y ARL staff when he went to England the second time. The 'bar' to his boomerang given to him upon first journey in 1944 (boomerang not in collection).

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1946    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00196 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-28 'ARL - History and Amusement'

Satirical writings: illustrated nursery rhyme 'Who killed ACA?' (two copies, one rougher); short form of service to be used in Government departments with a hymn, attached to Directive concerning death of employees; interviews at ARL (with employees concerning a salary rise); Minutes of meeting held 17 January 1957 to discuss the position of typist to LPC; document for foundation of the Mechanical Engineering Building, 13 April 1960; cartoon of Dunk and Rivett regarding P.S. Regulations (two copies, one on tracing paper); song 'Where there's a Wills there's a way'; the story of the Aeros Club (two copies); 'Beetles neg' (negative of photo taken at retirement party of LPC in Beatles wig with screaming secretaries); Photos of library and entrance hall of the administrative building; Coat of arms for ADSS; Photos of group in lab, 2 October 1957, Bulla working party (two), golf at Riverside - Edwards and LPC; Page 34 from Scodos, March 1975, article on retirement of A.Chilton (LPC present); Photos of lab staff at party at 45 Murphy St South Yarra (entrance hall stairs, drawingroom, dining room); Photo of coat of arms by E.J. Kennedy, 1966; Photographs of M. Gamble, W.T. Balance in Kelly and Lewis Workshops, also P.M. Glar(?), T.S. Keeble, Crellin and M. Gamble; Articles, the Age, 16 August 1961, two copies, the Sun, 19 June 1967; Drawing by LPC with notes on it; Photo of M. Gable after marriage; composite photo of the party at 45 Murphy St; farewell to D. Rivett featuring Clunies Ross, LPC, Boas, D. Rivett, G. Lightfoot; CAARC visit to Mt Martha house featuring Paria(?), Brooks, McPhail, S. Blight, F. Blight, F. Hooton; Anglesea photo of D. Woods; Song, 'The Wizard of Crackpot'; Page 43 from Engineers Australia, Sept 19 - Oct 2 1980, article on N. Svensson; Silly photo of LPC; Printed speech by H. Fysh, 8 December 1955. Photos: Photo of M. Gamble with her baby; Gev(?) and Coolittle at ARL; A.V. Stephens; CAARC, London, featuring Woodland Nutt, Duncan, A.A. Griffith, LPC, A. Pugsley, Gaudy (?), Mair, M.W. Woods; CACDS at the Snowy Mountains; A. Coyne; 66 Hopton Rd after VI blast; CAARC, featuring Barristow, Garner, Perring, J.R. Green, Collar, Mear, Mordell, G/C(sic) Hey, Stephens, LPC, Parkin, E.T. Jones, V. Leonard's farewell; H. Glauert; Herald cartoon of the Aircraft Advisory Committee, May 1942; CAARC in Canada; D. Patterson; CSIR visit to ARL 1945/46, A.V. Richardson, G.N. Patterson, G. Lightfoot; Mt. Martha, T.S. Keeble, Mrs Macleish, A.G. Jones; D. Evans wedding.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1945 - 1980    Quantity 2.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00197 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-29 Personal oddments

Envelope made of blueprint paper containing 'Advance Australia' shield picture (three paper copies, one on silver card, probably not drawn by LPC - duplicates in 5/5); Christmas cards: ARL blank one, undated; 1962 card from Structures Division to LPC signed by all; invitation to Mechanical Engineering Division party, undated. Also includes: Icarus cartoon featuring T.S. Keeble, S. Shaw; Internal memoranda (joke) re the typists, M. Grace and E. Murphy; Letter from G.A. Cook to LPC; Blank invitation to party at Murphy St, 8 April 1962; Presentation card from CSIRO, 1966; Program for Institute of the Aeronautical Sciences honours night, 25 January 1954; Flying Display Dinner, 9 September 1959, list of guests and menu-programme; Royal Aeronautical Society, London, Honorary Fellowship ceremony, 10 December 1964 including short biography of LPC, pp. 10-11; Letter to LPC from S.P. Venkiteshwaran re death of P. Nilakantan, 27 April 1964.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1949 - 1966    Quantity 1.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00198 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-30 Miscellaneous

Items not originally together: Invitation to banquet from Royal Aero Club to celebrate the British Victory in the Schneider Cup; LPC compliments slip; Letter from G.L. Brown with photo from Ancient Aeronauts day, 13 April 1987.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1927? - 1987    Quantity 0.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00199 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-31 RAeS British Commonwealth and Empire Lecture 1956

File incompletely titled by LPC, also contains early 1957 material loose in front. Includes: UK bank statements, 6 November 1956 - 14 February 1957, two cheque book stubs, 20 November 1956 - 18 February 1957, with clipping from Daily Telegraph and Morning Post re name change of Puddletown, 8 December 1956; Teleprinter messages from H.A. Wills, B. Gates; Letter from B. Gates; Bill/receipt from British Transport Hotel Services, January 1957; Minute to LPC from B. Gates attached to letter from same; Leave approval for M. Noble for 7 May 1957; Bill and receipt from La Industrial Hotelera, Barcelona, 2 December 1956; Invitation to become a Temporary Honorary Member of the Royal Aero Club, 1956; Marriage announcement of C.M. Holmberg and W.F. Freiberger, 6 October 1956; Passenger baggage ticket for the Himalaya; Australian Customs booklet; Salary payments sheets 1956, 1957; Bank receipt; Travelling allowance advice, 15 February 1957; Tenancy agreement for Murphy St with M. Hayward-Butt; Correspondence from S.N. Bridges and Co.; Insurance documents from Price, Forbes and Co.; Typed list headed 'Aeronautical'; Royal Aeronautical Society Council Dinner, 22 November 1956, Seating plan, list of those present, invitation; RAeS Main Lecture guidelines; Comments on the British Commonwealth and Empire Lectures (typed); Notes on Guided Weapon research and development in UK (handwritten, not by LPC, signature unreadable); Note by LPC on document dated 19 June 1956 re trip, from F.R. McNamara. Correspondence with: N.A. Adler of the Royal Aeronautical Society, Melbourne Branch; A.V. Stephens; Hemp; F.H. Hooke; P.L. Teed; W.A. Hayter; S. Sanders; Lucas for H.E.Z. Gordon; H.V. Davies; M. Langley; F.W.N. Bassett; A.M. Ballantyne; A.F. Newell; Marconigram from Gates; Hooton; Copy of letter to Australia House re LPC, with list of visits; F.A. O'Connor; H. Fysh; A. Bowden. Typed notes: High temperature materials (Quaass); Possible use of Jindivik for flight flutter research, 13 September 1956; Aeroelasticity research in Australia, by R.W. Traill-Nash, 30 June 1956; Current position of Jindivik aeroelastic investigations, July 1956.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1956 - 1957    Quantity 2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00200 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-32 'Articles on LPC Lecture / Scodos / Kernot Medal'

Publication advertisement for 'Sopwith - the man and his aircraft'; Photos of first LPC lecture and dinner, 1 May 1974; Card from Doris Woods re death of D. Woods, 30 April 1981; Kernot medal presentation programme, 7 March 1973; Scodos, vol.8, June 1973, with article on Kernot medal; Chartered Engineer, vol.18, June 1974, article on LPC lecture (2 copies); Chartered Engineer, vol.19, June 1975, article on Doctorate.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1973 - 1981    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00201 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-33 'Professional Officers' Association - Photos etc on Award and Retirement article'

Two copies of presentation speech by D.G. Anderson at retirement dinner, 2 April 1964; Professional Officers' Association Chronicle article on Award of Merit 1964 to LPC, July 1965, three copies. Photos, LPC receiving award from M.W. Woods, LPC and Nancy with M.W. Woods; Professional Officers' Association Chronicle advance notice of Award of Merit, April 1965, three copies, and article on LPC receiving his CBE, December 1964; April 1965 issue of same, with article on I.J. Polmear of the ARL.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1964 - 1965    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00202 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-34 Wind Tunnel development - photos

Photographs mainly relating to the Wind Tunnels at the Division of Aeronautics, Fishermen's Bend. Photographs consist of: Diagram of Low-Speed Wind Tunnel (LSWT) in its sections; Control panel & working section of LSWT; Variable-Pressure Wind Tunnel (VPWT); 3-component Mechanical Balance, part of LSWT (two photos); Model of Division of Aeronautics site; Early proposal of site (?); Model of CAC CA-15 in LSWT; Model of DAP Beaufort in LSWT; Moulded wood nozzle for VPWT; Test model of the Frost Fan, possibly at St. Moritz Ice Rink; Operational model of Frost Fan (two photos); Frame for victims of Polio-Myelitis (two photos); Early version of a tyre and undercarriage tester; Sections of LSWT in transit; Components of LSWT (eight photos); Model of CAC CA-4 W Bomber in LSWT; Components of VPWT under construction at Kelly & Lewis plant, Springvale (six photos); VPWT under construction; two engineers with the Electro-Mechanical Balance for VPWT; Plan of nozzle assembly of VPWT; Layout plan of VPWT; De Havilland Glider DHAG 2, modified with GLAS II wing, in flight (two photos); De Havilland Glider under construction; Views of the Low Turbulence Wind Tunnel (three photos); Hot wire Anemometer; Various unidentified photos.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1940 - 1953    Quantity 2.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00203 Box Number 16 Series 7
7-35 ARL - Aeronautical Research Tests, Personnel & VIP visits - photos

Black & white photographs relating mainly to Aeronautical Research Tests & Apparatus at Fisherman's Bend. Photos include: Mills' farewell, 1956; ARL Staff, Engineers, Scientists etc; CAARC personnel, 1948; CAARC, 1955; The Hon. Howard Beale, Minister for Supply, opening the Compressor & Combustion Laboratory at ARL; visit of Gen. James W. Doolittle to ARL, 10 May 1956; LPC, Sir John Carrol and David (?Rivett); Resonance fatigue test on metal Boomerang wing; VPWT Control room; Repeated Load Test on Mustang wing; Presentation of POA medal to LPC, 1964?; Hydraulic loading rig for repeated loading test; diagram of Groups and Research Staff of ARL; brown coal turbine research plant at ARL. Also includes various unidentified subjects.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1948 - 1964?    Quantity 1.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00204 Box Number 17 Series 7
7-36 Aeronautical Research 'Structures' - photos

Black and white photos from envelope labelled 'Structures' by LPC including: Moulded wood tanks; structural test floor under construction; structural test of Beaufort Tail Plane; structural test of Beaufighter Engine Mount; Shimmy test of tail wheels; structural Lab and Testing Machine; strength test of sample wooden tail plane; Electro-magnetic Fatigue Machine; moulded wood jettisonable fuel tank for Kitty Hawk; 12 'channel' DC Strain Meter from Alan H. Reid, 14 April 1948.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1940s    Quantity 1.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00205 Box Number 17 Series 7
7-37 ARL - Miscellaneous photos: Testing Aparatus, Orchard Sprayer, Aeroplanes

From envelope labelled by LPC 'Orchard Sprayer'. Includes black & white photos of: ARL designed and made 'Air Blast Orchard Sprayer' with pamphlet on 'ARL Air Blast Orchard Sprayer', undated; airborne British planes, probably at Farnborough Air Show; CSIR main buildings at ARL, Fisherman's Bend; greeting card, sketch based on photo of CSIR building at Fisherman's Bend; Boundary Layer Ramps on flat-sided wing; unidentified subjects. Also includes letter from Casey to LPC re Henry Tizard Memorial Fund; article by LPC, 'Operational Requirements for Aircraft in Australian Territories', Reprint from Journal of RAS, vol.64 no. 591, March 1960.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1940? - 1962    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00206 Box Number 17 Series 7
7-38 ARL - Retirement photos

From envelope labelled by LPC 'Photos of Retirement at ARL'. Includes black and white (mainly 5" x 8") photos of presentations at ARL to LPC upon his retirement; LPC sitting for portrait painting; retirement dinner at Southern Cross Hotel includes LPC, Nancy, Shirley Macleish, D.G. Macleish, Jo Johnson, Blyth Johnson, Sir L. Hartnett, Lady Hartnett and Marie Noble.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1964    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00207 Box Number 17 Series 7
7-39 ARL - Miscellaneous, Building Construction and Personnel

Contains some duplicates and triplicates. Photographs probably used for a display at ARL. Includes: ARL site; ARL headquarters building; section of Wind Tunnel arriving at ARL; unidentified subjects, probably ARL staff members; photo of cartoon 'Plane Fellows - Members of the Aircraft Advisory Committee', from the Herald, May 1942, 2 copies; ARL under construction (stage 1); ? Stephens (two copies); Dorothy Evans (wedding photo); 'Hooke, Morgan & Chilton', so labelled by LPC; 'E. Ryland & Ray Fraser'; LPC & Wills; group of visiting VIPs & ARL staff, includes Wills & Ben Gates, 2 October 1957; copies of newspaper photos of Dr H.E. Wimperis and LPC. Also includes article, 'Three ARL Scientists Honoured', Scodos, October 1966.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1942 - 1966    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00208 Box Number 17 Series 7
7-40 ARL - Testing Machines, Plants and Aircraft

Photographs include: 'Pantograph milling of Wind Tunnel Models'; 'Fatigue of Aircraft Structures'; Repeated Loading for Boomerang Metal wings; 2000 HP Engine Test Plant; 2000 HP Brown Boveri Isotherm Compressor; serial view of No. 2 Runway, ARL, Fisherman's Bend; ARL displays of Flight Memory and the Visual Glide Path; Malkara Hitting
Target; Hydraulic Dynamometer; 1470 HP Kasei Japanese air-cooled engine; agricultural tractor towing dynamometer vehicle; Burning of pulverised brown coal; VPT under construction; Fan and Straightener unit of Wind Tunnel; 'U/C (prob. Under-carriage) and Tyre Tester; assembly of Universal testing machine; Compressor plant; Interchangeable Working Sections; various aircraft on ground and in flight; First Australian built Mirage-Avalon, 29 January 1964; Australia's first post-war 2-seat ultra light Aircraft - The Hamilton "Jackeroo" type, SA6B, signed by Norman Hamilton, Builder, November 1959. From envelope marked 'Cancelled', photos include: piece of circular machinery; Suction Wing Glider in flight; ship model built at ARL; Radio controlled Flying Model and Launching Catapult. Photo of first Wind Tunnel in Australia, University of Melbourne.

Creator Lawrence Percival Coombes
Date range 1940s - 1964    Quantity 1.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier COOM00209 Box Number 17 Series 7

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