Series 3 - Talks and Addresses

Date Range1934 - 1979
ProvenanceJohn Neill Greenwood

Typescripts, manuscripts, press cuttings

Inventory Listing

3-1 Talks and Addresses

'Instability in Alloys', Presidential Address to the University of Melbourne Metallurgical Society, 12 April 1934

'What of our Metals', Herald, No Date

'Mining and Metallurgy in the Commonwealth', Argus, 1936

'Mining and Metallurgy in the Commonwealth during 1937', Argus, 1937

'The Metallurgy School and the Community', Correspondence 1937

'X-Rays and Metals', Herald, 1937

'Metallurgical Training in War Time', No Date

'The Metallurgy School and Total War Effort', No Date

'Metallurgical Industry and the Defence Problem', Argus, February 1939 [Dated December 1938]

'Metals and War', No Date

'The Metals we do not Produce', Argus, December 1939

'Metallurgical Research in the University of Melbourne', No Date

'The Influence of Service Conditions on Metal Compounds of Industrial Plant', No Date

'Metals through the Ages', No Date

'Additions to the Research Laboratories in the Metallurgy School of the University of Melbourne', The Australian Manufacturer, 1938

'Where are our Metals?', Broadcast 3LO, Monday 5 February 1940

'Using our Metals', Broadcast 3LO, Monday 12 February 1940

'Metals we do not Produce', Broadcast 3LO, Monday 19 February 1940

'The Iron and Steel Industry in the Commonwealth', No Date

Correspondence 1939

Creator John Neill Greenwood
Date range 1934 - 1940    Quantity 1 cm, 1 file
Inventory Identifier 3-1 Box Number 1 Series 3
3-2 An Address given at the Graduate Ceremony at Monash University
Creator John Neill Greenwood
Date range 3 April 1974    Quantity 0.3 cm, 1 file
Inventory Identifier 3-2 Box Number 1 Series 3
3-3 Development of the School of Metallurgy 1924/1965, University of Melbourne, Institution of Metallurgists
Creator John Neill Greenwood
Date range 1979    Quantity 0.4 cm, 1 file
Inventory Identifier 3-3 Box Number 1 Series 3

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