1 - Maxwell Edgar Hargreaves

Date Range31 March 1923 - 2 September 1976

1923 - born 31 March, Wedderburn, Victoria

- Educated Melbourne High School

- Queen's College, University of Melbourne

1944 - University of Melbourne (Bachelor of Metallurgical Engineering, Final Honours Exhibition)

1944-1946CSIR Lubricants and Bearings Section (Assistant Research Officer)

1947 - married 19 July, Arlie Boyd Vance

1947-1949 - CSIR Overseas Studentship, seconded to Cambridge University to do research in the Cavendish Laboratory on the structure of permanent magnet alloys

- Clare College, Cambridge University

1949 - Cambridge University (Doctor of Philosophy)

1949-1963 - CSIRO Division of Tribophysics, research on plastic deformation of metals and alloys and short range order in alloys (Senior Principal Research Scientist 1961) Australian Institute of Metals (Member of Federal Council 1950-1972, Melbourne Branch Chairman 1963-1964, Federal President 1970)

1957 - Royal Society Discussion on Fatigue, London (Invited speaker)

1961 - David Syme Research Prize (conjointly with L.M. Clarebrough and M.H. Lorreta)

1963-1976 - Queen's College Council (Member, President 1968-1970, Fellow of Queen's College)

1964-1976 - University of Melbourne (Professor of Physical Metallurgy; Faculty of Engineering Dean 1967-1970; Member of Council 1967-1973; Pro-Vice-Chancellor 1969-1973; Professorial Board Vice-Chairman 1970, Chairman 1972-1973; also was a member of the Appointments Board and the Board of Management of the University Press and served on the following Faculties: Engineering, Science, Applied Science, Dental Science, Architecture and the Board of Studies for Physical Education, Dean of Graduate Studies May 1973 - January 1974)

- Victorian Universities Admissions Committee (Chairman 1969-? ; Chairman of Executive Committee 1968-?)

- Victorian Universities and Schools Examinations Board (Member, Executive Committee)

- Committee on Arrangements for Secondary Curriculum (Courses) and Assessment (Member of the working group to draw up the terms of reference and establish membership)

1976 - died 2 September, Melbourne, Australia

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