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Title Records of Keogh, Esmond Venner
Date Range 1900 - 1987
Creator Esmond Venner Keogh (1895 - 1970)
Repository Cancer Council of Victoria
Abstract Esmond Venner Keogh was Medical Director of the Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria 1955-1968.

Administrative Information

The Keogh Papers were deposited at the ACCV Offices after his retirement and were found entirely unsorted, in a tea chest, by the present Archivist in 1986. The papers have been sorted, including leaf-by-leaf sorting and arrangement of notes made by Keogh in a series of old spiral notepads that had been used for jottings and mathematical calculations, but which were used in later years on occasion for drafts of papers or correspondence.


Papers are in Keogh's handwriting, unless otherwise stated in the description of item. Manuscript sheet sizes are foolscap unless otherwise stated.

ACCV Anti-Cancer Council of Victoria
CSL Commonwealth Serum Laboratories
n.d. no date(s)
p. page, pages
Spirax sheets from wirebound ruled notebooks, usually style no. 534.

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Scope and Content

"Bill" Keogh will be remembered ... as a man of wisdom and understanding. He had high intelligence and constantly planned in the world of science for the welfare of his colleagues and the community. He was dogged and forceful in his endeavours - and usually successful. He was skilled in research either by his own hand or planned for others to perform under his guidance. Much of this was achieved by Keogh in quiet seclusion which he enjoyed. He vigorously avoided public acclaim for his achievements, often arranging for the credit to be conferred on others... It is the opinion of many who new him well that in the field of practical medicine he probably achieved more for the health of the Australian people than any other person past or present.

From an appreciation of Keogh by I.J. Wood (January 1971) [See file 20.3.11]

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