Series 1 - Personal - Biographical

Date Range1933 - 1990
ProvenanceAlbert Lloyd George Rees

Section 1 - Biographical Material [1-1 - 1-5]
Section 2 - Personal Correspondence [1-6 - 1-28]
Lists, personal and professional correspondence, newsletters, notes, cards, curriculum vitae, tributes and citations, obituaries, publication reprints, newspaper clippings and photographs.

Inventory Listing

1-1 Biographical Materials

Brief biographical material and publications list; Albert Lloyd George Rees, Who's Who in Australia, 1983; ALG Rees, Obituary and Career Summary by C.K. Coogan, 15 August 1989;A. Mellor, 'ALG Rees', Address given to Carey Grammar School Assembly, 23 August 1998; C.K. Coogan, 'Honorary Life Membership nomination - Lloyd Rees', ASIA Bulletin, no.3, May-June 1989; J.B. Willis, 'The Chemists of Australia - Dr. ALG Rees', Chemistry in Australia, vol.45, no. 6, 1978.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1978 - 1989    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-1 Series 1
1-2 Curriculum Vitae for ALG Rees

ALG Rees, Curriculum Vitae, c.1980; Proceedings from the Royal Society Conference of Commonwealth Scientists, ALG Rees, 7-11 April 1967. Miscellaneous reprinted articles by ALG Rees.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1957 - 1980    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-2 Series 1
1-3 Obituaries and Tributes for ALG Rees

'A Tribute to Lloyd Rees', contributions by J.L. Farrant, N.S. Bayliss, J. Dance, P.G. Law and A. Walsh, 18 September 1989; Sir Ian Wark, Retirement Speech; 'CSIRO chief applied science to industry: Obituary - Dr. Lloyd Rees, 1916-1989', Age, 17 August 1989; 'Instrument industry a success story', Herald, 1 March 1990; 'Deaths of Rees and Baxter', AAS Newsletter, no.7, December 1989-February 1990; '$1 billion benefactor', Sunday Herald, 20 August 1989; 'Lloyd Rees', Independent, 20 September 1989; 'Obituary', Australian Physicist, 26, October 1989; A. Sandell, 'Obituary - Albert Lloyd George Rees', University of Melbourne Gazette, 1989; 'ALG Rees, 1916-1989', Carey Baptist Grammar School paper; C.K. Coogan, 'Obituary - Dr. ALG Rees', ASIA Bulletin, no. 5, September/October 1989. Correspondence: A.C.D. Rivett to ALG Rees, 21 April 1954; D.P. Craig to A. Walsh, 17 January 1990.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1954 - 1990    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-3 Series 1
1-4 'The Lloyd Rees Legacy'

J.M. Cowley, 'The Lloyd Rees Legacy', Department of Physics and Astronomy (Draft).

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range No date    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-4 Series 1
1-5 Photographs of professional associates

IUPAC International Congress, Sydney, 20-27 August 1969. Includes portraits of R.S. Nyholm, O. Wichterle, W. Klyne, I.G. Ross, P. Rentzepis, S. Okamura, J. Jortner, H. Battaerd, J. Rose, B.V. Derjaguin, I.E. Newnham, R.S. Mulliken and R.D. Brown.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1969    Quantity 1.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-5 Series 1
1-6 Personal Correspondence

Correspondents include Mr. and Mrs. G.P. Rees.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1933 - 1941    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-6 Series 1
1-7 Personal Correspondence

Correspondents include N.S. Bayliss.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1938 - 1944    Quantity 0.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-7 Series 1
1-8 Personal Correspondence

Correspondents include: University of Queensland Registrar; P. Roebuck; H.V.A. Briscoe; M.C. Crawford; R.P. Sayers; A.A. Topp; A.J. Roennfeldt; J.K. Coffey.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1935 - 1942    Quantity 3.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-8 Series 1
1-9 Personal Correspondence

Correspondents include: H.V.A. Briscoe; J.D. Pratt; L.T.D. Williams; J.K. Coffey; A.C.D. Rivett; M.A. Whiteley; W. Jewell; A.B. Walkom; F.G. Donnan; E.J. Bowen; S.E. Fox.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1938 - 1944    Quantity 0.6 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-9 Series 1
1-10 Personal Correspondence

Correspondents include: E.J. Hartung; A. Howell; Senior Regional Officer and Regional Officer for Group 5, London Civil Defence; Senior Gas Identification Officer for Wandsworth Council; Director of Public Cleansing for City of Westminster; H.J. Emeleus; J.F. Foster; A.W. Greig; G.P. Rees; F.H. Johnston.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1935 - 1948    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-10 Series 1
1-11 Personal Correspondence

Correspondents include: Principle Clerk and Clerk in the Academic Department of the University of London; A.E. Alcock; M.C. Crawford; P. Roebuck; Secretary to the Trustees for Beit Scientific Research Fellowships.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1938 - 1945    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-11 Series 1
1-12 Personal Correspondence

Information Notes and Reports, Imperial College of Science and Technology, Beit Fellowships for Scientific Research, List of Fellows 1913 - 1968, 1969. Correspondents include: E.J. Hartung; G.S. Preston; B.E. Kornitzer.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1939 - 1969    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-12 Series 1
1-13 Personal Correspondence

Information Notes, Reports and Reprints by A.L.G. Rees: 'Notes on vocational guidance'; 'Why not cash in on Australian invention?'; List of published work, c.1955; 'Summary of main lines of work'; 'Record of Scientific and Technical Staff', CSIR, October 1946; 'Publications of original work', c.1951; Staff Chart, possibly CSIRO Chemical Physics. Correspondents include: J.R. Calver; P.L.K. Wait; F.M. Burnet; M.L. Oliphant; F.P. Bowden; W.H. Steel; E.C. Turner; J.A. Alexander; E.R. Thomas; A.C.D. Rivett; R.F. Brown; K.W. Luckhurst; F.H. Johnston; B.A. Selby; K. Stewart; H.J. Emeleus; C.A. Mizen; K.G. Emeleus; C.J. Wilkins; D.F. Rushman; J.C. Thomas. Reprints: 'Scientists Recommend Made in Australia', Record, 18 April 1960; Action, South Melbourne Chamber of Commerce; Royal Society of the Arts, c.1952. Photographs: CSIRO spectroscopy equipment c.1950, with A.L.G. Rees and staff (posssibly including S. Hamann); Portrait, with inscription, 'Regards Ken', 28 February 1949.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1946 - 1960    Quantity 1.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-13 Series 1
1-14 Personal Correspondence, 1961-1967

Correspondents include: W. Fritsche; F.W.G. White; D.F. Waterhouse; W. Ives; J. Packer; H.W. Hosking; D.P. Craig; A. Walsh; R. Welham; N.S. Bayliss; H.J. Emeleus; W. Gaade; G.W. Paton; P.L.K. Wait; M. Davies; J. Pingree; R.E. Parker; H.R. Lang. Information Notes, Monash parking; H. Hashimoto and N. Kato, book proposal; Photographs, unidentified staff.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1961 - 1967    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-14 Series 1
1-15 Personal Correspondence, 1968-1970

Information Notes and Reports: 'Planning for the Future', St. Vincent's School of Medical Research; R.E. Birch, 'Turn Right at St. Louis', 11 April 1969; Memorial to the Rt. Hon. Lord Florey, OM, FRS, The Royal Society; La Trobe University, Thomas Cherry Memorial Fountain. Correspondents include: P.C. Carman; D.F. Waterhouse; O. Hoffmann-Ostenhof; D. Cohen; H.D. Huyer; N.S. Bayliss; P.S. Turner; S.W. Bailey; P. Edman; J.W. Cornforth; R.G. Heginbothom; D.C. Martin; R.F. Turnbull; I.W. Wark; E.J. Hartung; M.F. Wood; E. Rapoport; F.W.G. White; L.S. Williams; R.E. Birch; P. Pockley; J.C.P. Broekhoff; R.C. Howard; D.M. Myers; R.T. Elvish; J. Pingree; H.K. Clarke; L.W. Weickhardt; L.G. Wilson; S.L. Martin; A.E. Pierce; T.J. Gray and J.R. Price. Newspaper Clippings, New Year Honours List, Times, 1 January 1968.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1968 - 1970    Quantity 1.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-15 Series 1
1-16 Personal Correspondence, 1970-1971

Information Notes: Harkness Fellowships, Information for Candidates; Graduates Whose Present Address is Unknown to the School of Chemistry, WA School of Chemistry. Correspondents include: W.E. Purnell; J.G. Campbell; H.C. Bolton; M.M. Pennington; P.C. Carman; C.K. Coogan; C. Hayakijkosol; F.G. Jameson; A.R.H. Cole; A.W.S. Johnson; T.S. Keeble; F.H.C. Kelly; J.R. Price; D.P. Craig; R.J. Hunter; J.F. Duncan; D. Mackey; P.I. Rosenblum; L.S. Williams.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1970 - 1971    Quantity 1.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-16 Series 1
1-17 Personal Correspondence, 1971-1972

Information Notes and Reports: D. Cohen, 'Curriculum Objectives - Scientific Attitudes', Paper presented at the Curriculum Studies Symposium, 43rd ANZAAS Congress, Brisbane, 26 May 1971. Correspondents include: K. Moliere; G. Lehmpfuhl; M.F. Wood; W.S. Rapson; W. Ives; R.G. Heginbothom; H. Egan; J.R. Price; R.N. Robertson; V.D. Burgmann; J.M. Harrison; D. Cohen; W. Boas.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1971 - 1972    Quantity 1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-17 Series 1
1-18 Personal Correspondence, 1972

Information Notes and Reports: Farewell Dinner to Chris (C.S. Christian), The Sciences Club, 11 December 1972; International Conference on Strontium Containing Compounds, Halifax, Canada, 17-20 June 1973; Dr. Peter J. Frank, Obituary; Oxford Instruments, Queens Award, 7 July 1972; CSIRO Program of Executive Meetings, 1972 and 1973; Report of the Referee (V.W. Maslen) on R.K. Gupta, 'Phonon Spectra and Heat Capacities of Solidified Rare Gases'; 'Portrait of Professor Bayliss Handed Over', University News, November 1971. Correspondents include: J.A.L. Matheson; A.E. Pierce; T.J. Gray; L.G. Wilson; J.D. Watson; L.S. Williams; M.F. Glaessner; J.R. Price; D.H.R. Barton; K. Dunham; H.R.C. Pratt; A. Todd; G.M. Badger; M.F. Wood; M.W. Howell; R.I. Garrod; T.M. Sabine; N.S. Bayliss; K.I. Williamson; B.M. Spicer; B.J. Walby.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
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Date range 1971 - 1972    Quantity 1.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-18 Series 1
1-19 Personal Correspondence, 1972-1973

Information Notes and Reports: J.K. Mackenzie, Who's Who biography proof. Correspondents include: P.W. West, J.K. Mackenzie; M. Davies; J.A. Allen; J.R. Price; M.F. Wood; J.C. Bailar; L. Lewis; E.G. Bowen. Reprints: Applied Spectroscopy, vol.27 no.1, January-February 1973; Arcs and Sparks, vol.17 no.2, Fall-Winter 1972; 'Shock Tube Calorimeter for the Dissociation Energy of Fluorine', Journal of Chemical Physics, vol.57, no.9, 1972. Newspaper Clipping, 'Tax ruling on use of homes', Australian Financial Review, 19 December 1972.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-19
Date range 1972 - 1973    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-19 Series 1
1-20 Personal Correspondence, 1972-1973

Information Notes and Reports: 'Australian Petroleum Statistics, 1973' PIB Australia; Itinerary for Professor and Mrs Phillip W. West; CSIRO Information Circular no. 73/2, 29 March 1973. Correspondents include: A. Goswami, A.F. Gurnett-Smith, J.R. Price, T.B. Swanson, A. Walsh, M.F. Wood, B.O. West, M. McKernan, P.W. West, L.G. Wilson; N.N. Greenwood. Reprint, M.F. Wood, 'Some aspects of analytical Chemistry in Australia', Laboratory Practice, April 1973.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-20
Date range 1973 - 1974    Quantity 0.7 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-20 Series 1
1-21 Personal Correspondence, 1974-1975

Information Notes and Reports: Scientific Exchanges between the Japan Society for the Promotion of Science and the Royal Society, Report by M. Davies, RSJP/11(73), 1974. Correspondents include: M. Davies; K.B. Stonier; M. Grossbard; R.M. Parry; F. Gallais; D. Voigt; T.M. Sabine; W.G. Hughson; C.K. Coogan; J.M. Swan; G. Batchelor; S. Kuwabara; E.A. de Boer- Malcolm Swanson; P.W. West; L.S. Williams; J.R. Price; S. Rivett; K.D. Rivett; P.S. Turner. Reprints: S. Kuwabara, T. Uefuji and Y. Takamatsu, 'A Simple Electrostatic Energy Filter for Electron Diffraction and Electron Microscopy', Japanese Journal of Applied Physics, 13 (10), 1974.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-21
Date range 1974 - 1975    Quantity 1.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-21 Series 1
1-22 Personal Correspondence, 1974-1975

Information Notes and Reports: 'Remise de l'epee d'Academicien a M. le Professeur F. Gallais' (D. Voigt). Correspondents include; J.S. Anderson; R.A. Ampt; J.A. Ibers; J.V. Possingham; B.G. Hyde; R. Ceredig; A.R.H. Cole; H.C. Bolton; R.M. Parry.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-22
Date range 1975    Quantity 0.4 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-22 Series 1
1-23 Personal Correspondence, 1975-1976

Correspondents include: H.K. Wagenfeld; S.C.B. Gascoigne; J. Ronayne; A.E. Pierce; J.K. Linden; A.F. Moodie; J.R. Price; N.S. Bayliss; D. Voigt; J.W. Robinson; W. Hafele; M. Davies; T.J. Gray; R.M. Parry; T.W. Scott; R.W. Russell; S.F. Cox.. Reprints: G. Pragier and J. Ronayne, 'A Criticism of the Use of Citation Analysis in Studying the Science-Technology Relationship', Journal of Chemical Information and Computer Sciences, 15 (3), 1975. Photographs, Portrait of I.W. McDonald, T.W. Scott and M. Frost.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-23
Date range 1975 - 1976    Quantity 0.7 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-23 Series 1
1-24 Personal Correspondence, 1976-1977

Information Notes and Reports: Personal Data of A. Goswami; Leather Week and Twelfth Tanners' Get Together, Central Leather Research Institute, 28 September 1976; 'Committee for Scientific and Technological Policy' (Note by the Secretariat), Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD), 23 September 1976. Correspondents include: V.D. Burgmann; L.G. Alexander; P.G. Burton; A. Goswami; H.C. Bolton; D. Braxton; R.A. Simpson; J. Ronayne; D.F. Waterhouse; J.R. Price; D. Murray; J.K. Mackenzie; H.C. Crozier; R.S. Davie; R.J.T. Payne; J. Ferguson; T.J. Gray; B.W. Pratt; J.C. Bailar; L.S. Williams; A.T.J. Bell; D.A. Bekoe; H.J. de Bruin; R.W. Russell; W.S. Hamilton. Reprints, G.L'E. Turner,'Technologist of genius: Joseph von Fraunhofer (1787-1926)', Physics Bulletin, October 1976.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-24
Date range 1976 - 1977    Quantity 1.3 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-24 Series 1
1-25 Personal Correspondence, 1977

Correspondents include: T.G. Corbett; C.J. Osborne; D.J. Swain; J.D. Butchart; M. Williams; C. Garrow; V.D. Burgmann; M. Davies; N. Sheppard; S. Hacobian. Reprints, Science, vol. 197, 26 September 1977.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-25
Date range 1977 - 1978    Quantity 0.8 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-25 Series 1
1-26 Personal Correspondence, 1967-1980

Information Notes and Reports: ISO Guide 18-1978 (E); Memorandum of Agreement between A.L.G. Rees, J.M. Cowley and Methuen and Co. Ltd., 27 November 1952; International Association of Medicine and Biology of Environment, International Symposium of Caracas, 14-19 November 1976. Correspondents include: J.B. Willis; H.H. Indorf; E.S. Pilkington; J. Allardyce; S. Sugamata; R.M. Eggleston; R. Abbou; P.W. West; J.R. Price.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-26
Date range 1967 - 1980    Quantity 0.5 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-26 Series 1
1-27 Personal Correspondence, 1971-1975

Correspondents include: Lord Todd; J.R. Price; B.M. Spicer; J. Blauer; N. Rennie; R. Truhaut; L. Lewis; H. Suomalainen; J.S. Anderson; J.V. Possingham; H.J. de Bruin; R.W. Russell; M. Davies; N.M. Emanuel; R.M. Parry; K.T. Ryan; S.F. Cox; R. Street; J.A. Ibers; D. Voigt; B.G. Hyde; R. Ceredig; L. Weller; H.C. Bolton; F. Gallais; R.N. Robertson; A.F. Rekus; H. Thompson; D.C. Martin; M. Tishler; T.S. West; J.B. Willis; V.D. Burgmann; B.A. Selby; F. McDonald; J. Coombe; W. Boas; J.G. Campbell; M.M. Pennington; A.W.S. Johnson; A.R.H. Cole; W.G. Hughson; V.G. Burley; E.A. de Boer-Malcolm Swanson; P.W. West; C.H.B. Priestley; G.M. Badger; R.R. Belshaw; P.S. Turner; B.C.L. Doubleday; T.B. Swanson.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-27
Date range 1971 - 1975    Quantity 1.2 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-27 Series 1
1-28 Personal Correspondence, 1971-1978

Details of Professional positions held (in chronological order), A.L.G. Rees. Correspondents include: R.K. Fisher; G. Chandler; F.D. Williams; M. Lowe; D.J. Scullin; R.L. Martin; T.G. Corbett; R.R. Garran; J.D. Butchart; S.M. Brisbane; E. Collins; C.J. Osborne; S. Hacobian; E.C. Dale; P.M. Richardson; J.M. Cowley; V.D. Burgmann; M. Davies; V. Wilcox; A.R. James; H.C. Bolton; G.E. Dicker; L. Weller; P.W. Whitton; D. Murray; J.K. Mackenzie; P.G. Law; R.W. Cairns; H.C. Crozier; J.R. Price; R.J.T. Payne; R.S. Davie; R. Abbou; P.G. Burton; K.T. Ryan; N.H. Olver; J.C. Bailar; M.J. Jordan; R. Street; D. Voigt; J.W. Robinson; E.J. Hartung; G.M. Badger; L. Lewis; H. Thompson; A.R. Beckwith; G. John; D.R.P. Jolly; J. Nelson; J. Virgo; A. Hebart; N.S. Bayliss; R. Trenerry; J.E. Kent; N.F. Gomm; P. Pockley; W. Ives.

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-28
Date range 1971 - 1978    Quantity 1.1 cm,
Inventory Identifier 1-28 Series 1
1-29 'A Record of Chemical Physics CSIRO', Photgraph Album Black and white photographs, various sizes, numbered and annotated.

Photographs identified by J.B. Willis and J.A. Spink. A more comprehensive listing, made by CSIRO staff is held with the album itself.nd Monthly reports - Melbourne; Healesville; Werribee
1. CSIRO Division of Industrial Chemistry, Fishermens Bend, c. mid-1960s
2. Staff of Aeronautical Research Laboratories (ARL)
3. Entrance of DIC and ARL, c.1953
4. Staff of DIC at a Division talk - personnel can be identified from a copy of this photo in 'The CSIRO Division of Industrial Chemistry 1940-1952' by I.W. Wark, Records of the Australian Academy of Science, vol. 4 no. 2, 1979
5. Visitors at DIC or ARL
6. Visit to ARL, Chief Superintendent L.P. Coombes (centre)
7. ALG Rees, 1949
8. A. Walsh (left) and J.B. Willis discussing the multi-pass infra-red spectrometer
9. Right-angle mirrors and chopper in multi-pass infra-red spectrometer
10. A. Walsh adjusting the multi-pass infra-red spectrometer
11. to 17. Chemical Physics instruments displayed at the Institute of Physics at Chemex exhibition, Melbourne 1956
18. Multi-element atomic absorption instrument shown by Chemical Physics at Chemex exhibition
19. Atomic absorption and other instruments shown by Techtron Pty. Ltd. At Chemex
20. Atomic absorption spectroscopy components shown by Stuart Skinner Pty. Ltd. At Chemex
21. DIC workshop staff
22. J. Gjonnes and his wife - Gjonnes worked as a visitor with J.M. Cowley
23 L. Hulme (later L. Mathieson) with the spectroscopic source unit and the Hilger Littrow Spectrograph, c. early to mid-1960s
24. Chemical engineering staff at in the Process Bay, Fishermens Bend
25. J.L. Farrant at the RCA electron microscope
26. Mechanical workshop at Chemical Physics, Fishermens Bend - the two closest to the camera are J. Mills (left) and J. Skinner (right)
27. Glass-blowing laboratory, Fishermens Bend - the senior glassblower, W.G. Jones, is standing at the lathe
28. 30. and 31. Manoeuvre a new machine into position for the workshop at Fishermens Bend
29. The electronics workshop at Fishermens Bend
32. Formal ceremony at Wilson Hall, Melbourne University, at the IUPAC First International Symposium on the Chemistry of Natural Products, 1960
33. IUPAC Conference - J. Loder? Of the Organic Chemistry Division lecturing
34. IUPAC Conference - unknown
35. IUPAC Conference - K.L. Murray demonstrating an instrument to visitors - Sir Robert Robinson N.L., O.M. is next to him
36. IUPAC Conference - J.D. Morrison (right) demonstrating the mass spectrometer to visitors
37. IUPAC Conference - unknown
38. IUPAC Conference - A. Walsh (third from left) showing the vacuum ultra-violet spectrometer to visitors;
39. IUPAC Conference - K. Fogarty (left) at the registration desk;
40. IUPAC Conference - Sir Robert Robinson, ALG Rees and D.P. Mellor (left to right)
41. IUPAC Conference - J.R. Price (left) with two visitors to IUPAC
42. IUPAC Conference - Members of the Organic Division A. Bekkers?, L.K. Dalton, A. Triffett, P. Wailes and unknown (back row, left to right), C. Kowala, unknown, J. Lamberton and unknown (front row, left to right)
43. IUPAC Conference visitors - unknown, H.W. Thompson, Prof. C. Djurassi?R. Woodward and Sir Alexander Todd (left to right)
44. IUPAC Conference visitors - unknown, J.A. Mills, unknown, G. Badger and F. Lions (left to right)
45. Opening of David Rivett Laboratory, 1 April 1966 - Sir Frederick White, ALG Rees, Mrs Betina Gorton, Senator J.G. Gorton (left to right)
46. E. Chakanovskis (left) and Keith Sutherland (seventh from left) demonstrating the Image Seeking Automatic Analogue Computer at the Opening of the Laboratory
47. Group in Library at opening of Lab - one of the two elderly females is probably Lady Rivett
48. J. Fridrichsons (right) demonstrating the Weissenberg camera to a visitor
49. The David Rivett Laboratory at the time of its opening
50. and 51. Early stages construction of the Rivett Laboratory
52. ALG Rees making a retirement presentation to S.E. Powell, 1968
53. to 56. A Divisional meeting of Chemical Physics in the new building
57. Workshop staff of Chemical Physics
59. Optical finishing staff - unknown, Patrick Francis, Rob Cathie, unknown (left to right)
60. Examples of work done by optical finishing workshop
61. Store - H. Jones, storeman
62. Sheet metal workshop - R. Olerhead (right)
63. Prof. G.R. Harrison inspecting ruling engine
64. Prof. G.R. Harrison (left) with D.A. Davies and ruling engine in background
64. 66. and 67. Details of parts of ruling engine
68. ALG Rees, A. Walsh, A. McL. Mathieson, B. Dawson, A.C. Hurley (left to right)
69. J.K. McKenzie,, V.W. Maslen and A.C. Hurley (standing, left to right), Prof. R. Parr (seated)
70. NMR spectrometer - visiting scientist from Africa
71. Krista Black operating the Cwikscan scanning electron microscope
72. Members of the solid state science group - J.O. Cope, C. Atkins, D.F. Lynch and C.K. Coogan (standing, left to right), S.N. Stuart, I.D. Campbell, C. Billington and G.R. Hercus (seated, left to right)
73. Unknown,, ALG Rees (left) and I. Newnham
74. S. Kuwibara, J.M. Cowley and ALG Rees (left to right)
75. F. Aragon de la Cruz, with electron diffraction camera
76. S. Kuwibara and J.M. Cowley with electron diffraction camera
77. A.J. Hodge at RCA electron microscope
78. C.K. Coogan, J.M. Cowley, unknown, A. Walsh, unknown, R.D.B. Fraser and unknown
79. D.L. Swingler (right) talking to visitors - University of Melbourne Physicist Prof. C.B.O. Mohr (first on left)
80. J.V. Sullivan (left) demonstrating a resonance detector to a group of visitors
81. and 82. Mass spectrometers
83. Details of mass spectrometer components
84. Sector-type mass spectrometer with vacuum monochromator
85. and 86. Portable mass spectrometer
87. and 89. Details of mass spectrometer
88. Electron velocity selector for mass spectrometer
90. 'Easily portable' spectroscopic source unit
91. N.S. Ham with microwave-excited source for Raman spectroscopy
92. Hilger-Muller double monochromator
93. Hilger Littrow spectrograph with source unit in background
94. Far ultra-violet spectrometer, with source and power supplies
95. and 96. Far ultra-violet light source
97. Multi-element resonance detector
98. X-ray generator with water cooled rotating anode
99. W.A. Denne working in x-ray laboratory
100. Weissenberg x-ray diffraction camera
101. A simplified design for a high stability goniometer head
102. to 104. Goniometer components for x-ray diffraction
105. 'Siroflex' ultramicrotome manufactured serially by Fairey Aviation (Australia) Pty. Ltd., 1960
106. Freon insulated high resistance bridge for monitoring stability of electron of electron microscope H.T. supply (J.L. Farrant)
107. Ultramicrotome invented by J.L. Farrant and S.E. Powell in 1956, the prototype for 'Siroflex' ultramicrotome
108. Low temperature laboratory
109. Specimen of an inorganic solid in the glassy state in position for the measurement of its thermal conductivity at liquid helium temperature
110. Unknown
111. Set of STACPAC power supplies
112. and 113. C. Billington's 'Phosophorometer'
114. Reaction Bonding Work Stage coupled for use with a 30 kw induction heater
115. Components made by reaction-bonding process
116. Components of quadrupole resonance spectrometers?
117. Low energy electron diffraction apparatus designed and constructed in the Division
118. A specimen manipulator for the low-energy electron diffraction camera
119. Pure Quadrupole Resonance spectrometer - power supply, detection unit with sample in position and X-Y display recorder (left to right)
120. Nuclear quadrupole resonance spectrometer
121. Unknown
122. Molecular model made by x-ray diffraction group
123. and 125. Nuclear magnetic resonance spectrometer
124. Electron spin resonance spectrometer
126. Optical finishing machine
127. and 128. Grating-testing machines?
129. Unknown
130. Unknown
131. Unknown
132. Unknown
133. Unknown
134. Simple Grayson grating ruling engine
135. E. Chakanovskis with the Image-seeking Automatic Analogue Computer
136. Unknown
137. Electron diffraction camera.

150 by 150 by 50

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-29
Date range 1948 - 1968
Inventory Identifier 1-29 Series 1
1-30 Meeting of CSIRO Executive with Chiefs and Officers-in-Charge, Warburton, October 1960

Mounted Photograph, black and white, fully annotated. Includes: V.D. Burgmann; R.G. Giovanelli; J.L. Pawsey; C.H.B. Priestley; J.R. Price; S.D. Hamann; F.N. Ratcliffe; N.S. Noble; W. Boas; ALG Rees; H.R.C. Pratt; E.G. Bowen; D.T.C. Gillespie; P.F. Butler; S.H. Bastow; G.B. Gresford; O.H. Frankel; H.R. Marston; R.N. Robertson; F.W.G. White; Lord Casey; I.W. Wark. 350 by 215

Creator Albert Lloyd George Rees
Control 1-30
Date range 1960
Inventory Identifier 1-30 Series 1

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