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Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre

* About Us
  • December 1999 - Launch of the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre
  • Semester 2, 2003 - Fact, Fiction and Fraud in the Digital Age
  • August 2003 - Launch of the Women in Australian Science exhibition
  • September 2003 - Launch of Gateways to the History of Medicine at the University of Melbourne
  • June 2005 - Launch of Reason in Revolt, Source Documents of Australian Radicalism
  • November 2005 - Launch of Chinese-Australian Historical Images in Australia
  • May 2006 - Australian Dictionary of Biography now online
  • * Federation and Meteorology
  • A Centenary of Federation publication on the emergence of Australian meteorology as a science and the formation of the Bureau of Meteorology in 1908, paralleling the story of Australian Federation.
  • * Technology in Australia 1788-1988
  • The online edition of this bicentenary study by the Australian Academy of Technological Sciences and Engineering of the men, women and organisations involved in the development of technology in Australia.
  • * Science and the Making of Victoria
  • A Centenary of Federation project exploring the history and views of the Royal Society of Victoria since its inception in 1854 to the present day, and its role supporting science and technology in Victoria.
  • * Australian Science at Work
  • A register of the many industries, corporations, research institutions, scientific societies and other organisations that have contributed to Australia's scientific, technological and medical heritage, with references to their archival materials and a bibliography of their historical published literature.
  • Exhibition: Guides to Current Research in Victorian Universities
  • * Bright Sparcs
  • An online register of more than 4,000 people involved in the development of science, technology and medicine in Australia, including references to their archival materials and bibliographic resources.
  • Exhibition: Discovery and Endeavour: Celebrating Australian Science - find out about the centenaries of Australian Science.
  • Exhibition: Where are the Women in Australian Science?
  • * Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne: Historic Compendium
  • An historic register of the many people, departments, scholarships, prizes and bequests, research centres and affiliated organisations that make up the Faculty of Science at the University of Melbourne, with references to their archival materials and a bibliography of their historical published literature.
  • * Guides to Records
  • Finding aids to archival collections of Australian scientists and scientific organisations published by Austehc and the Australian Science Archives Project.
  • Diane Elizabeth Barwick Guide to Records (November 2007)
  • Henry Herman Leopold Adolph Brose Guide to Records (March 2004)
  • Brown Family Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Frank Macfarlane Burnet Guide to Records (November 2001)
  • Lawrence Percival Coombes Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Ronald William Cumming Guide to Records (November 2007)
  • Currency Note Research and Development Project, CSIRO, Division of Chemicals and Polymers Guide to Records (June 2004)
  • Walter Geoffrey Duffield Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Federation of Asian Chemical Societies Guide to Records (May 2004)
  • Ronald Gordon Giovanelli Guide to Records (May 2004)
  • John Neill Greenwood Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Maxwell Edgar Hargreaves Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Edwin Sherbon Hills Guide to Records (June 2004)
  • Andrew Crowther Hurley Guide to Records (May 2004)
  • The i.t.a. Society of Victoria Guide to Records (November 2001)
  • Nigel Bilbrough Joyce Guide to Records (November 2007)
  • Esmond Venner Keogh Guide to Records (July 2004)
  • Phillip Garth Law Guide to Records (August 1999)
  • John Mann Guide to Records (November 2007
  • Alan John (Jock) Marshall Guide to Records (May 2004)
  • Peter Mason Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Minerals Separation Ltd Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Philip Crosbie Morrison Guide to Records (June 2004)
  • Armin Aleksander Ípik Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Pigment Manufacturers of Australia Guide to Records (May 2004)
  • Albert Lloyd George Rees Guide to Records (June 2004)
  • Albert Cherbury David Rivett and the British Association for the Advancement of Science Australian Meeting, 1914 Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Phyllis Margaret Rountree Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Royal Australian Chemical Institute Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • The Royal Society of Victoria Guide to Records (April 2001)
  • Ailsa Macvey Swan Guide to Records (July 2004)
  • Ernest William Titterton Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • Victor Martin Trikojus Guide to Records (May 2004)
  • Ian William Wark Guide to Records (December 1999)
  • Michael James Denham White Guide to Records (May 2004)
  • James Hamlyn Willis Guide to Records (November 2000)
  • Ian Jefferys Wood Guide to Records (April 2004)
  • * Database Systems and Web Tools
  • Online Heritage Resource Manager - a web publishing tool for archivists, museum curators and researchers.
  • Web Academic Resource Publisher - a tool to enable the scholarly web publication of reference texts.
  • Heritage Documentation Management System - archival processing system with HTML and EAD finding aid generator.
  • * ASAP Web
  • The Australian Science Archives Project Web Site.

  • About Us

    On 3 May 1999 the Council of the University of Melbourne declared the formation of the Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre (Austehc) in the Faculty of Arts.

    Austehc will continue the academic, research and heritage activities of the Australian Science Archives Project (ASAP) which was established by Professor R.W. Home in 1985. The Centre will encompass ASAP's original objectives and continue to develop new programs that foster the preservation, promotion and development of the heritage of Australian science, technology and medicine. ASAP's popular online information resources, notably Bright Sparcs, will form the key focus of the Centre's activities.

    ASAP's 14 years experience at the local, national and international levels provides a solid foundation for the Centre's success. The important network of associations with academic, government and private organisations and individuals will be maintained and developed to further enhance the Centre's crucial role. Austehc will:

    • Establish the infrastructure, through research, development and implementation, to undertake collaborative projects and activities relating to the history and heritage of science, technology and medicine, within the University of Melbourne and with external organisations and individuals;
    • Create and provide access to authoritative information resources dealing with the history and heritage of science, technology and medicine, primarily with an Australian focus, to support academic scholarship, secondary and primary education, and general community awareness;
    • Advance the pursuit of knowledge in the history, archival, museum, heritage studies and information management disciplines through teaching, research and development.

    The significant corporate archival and records management projects undertaken by ASAP over the past few years has led to the formation of a separate company, ASAP Information Services Pty Ltd. The separation of this commercial work from the academic, research and heritage activities will enable the Centre to maintain a strong focus on its fundamental goals.

    Along with ASAP's Director and founding staff member, Gavan McCarthy, Austehc has retained an essential core of ASAP's staff with distinctive expertise and knowledge as archivists, researchers, teachers, historians, and WWW-developers. Austehc will continue the self-funded tradition established by ASAP and work to enhance its position within the University of Melbourne and augment its strong links with the Department of History and Philosophy of Science.

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