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Early Years in the Bureau


My Early Years in the Bureau of Meteorology

The Formation of the Frosterley Club

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The Formation of the Frosterley Club (continued)

Frosterley of course was the name of the mansion at Number 2 Drummond Street, which the Bureau had acquired in 1908 and which had served as its Commonwealth headquarters until the Head Office moved to 150 Lonsdale Street in 1974.

The meeting was summarised by Bob Crowder in two documents. One was an office notice (Attachment C) and the other a letter to members no longer serving in the Bureau. This letter invited prospective members to complete an attached (Attachment D) form which would serve as an application, provided information on possible members, get opinions on the club name and eligibility rules and inform the committee who wanted to come to lunch on the 24th June which had been set down as the first formal lunch of the club.

Bob signed the Office Notice and the latter to retired members as Secretary, which was his now formal position in the Frosterley Club as it came to be called. "The result of the questionnaire" which had been sent out to prospective members, was 34 voting for "Frosterley", 12 for "Wellmet", 5 for "Cloud 9", 6 undecided and some other alternative names which received 1 vote. Those two notices from Bob Crowder are attached as C and D and they were followed on the 30th June by document E which advised how many people had attended the first formal lunch on the 24 June at the Carlton Bowling Club. The 24th June was agreed on generally because it was proposed to hold these meetings on the 4th Thursday each month and the first lunch was attended by about 50 members and guests. Attachment E sets out these facts, and also contains a provisional list of foundation members (those who had responded positively to the questionnaire) and this makes very interesting reading.

Pictured at a meeting of the Frosterley Club

Pictured at an early meeting of the Frosterley Club are (l-r): Bill Brann, Jack Costello, John Lillywhite, Charles James, Keith Hannay, Bill Gibbs and Joe Hobba.

The venue of the Carlton Bowling Club had been suggested by Bill Colder who was a member of the Bowling Club. It was chosen for all the monthly meetings up to October 1976.

The meetings for August 26th, September 23rd and October 28th were notified provisionally in a document (Attachment F).

Organisations in Australian Science at Work - Frosterley Club

People in Bright Sparcs - Crowder, Robert Bernard; Lillywhite, John Wilson

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Lillywhite, J. 1992 'My Early Years in the Bureau of Meteorology: The Formation of the Frosterley Club', Metarch Papers, No. 4 February 1992, Bureau of Meteorology

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