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R. Clarke
Senior Technical Officer (Engineering) Grade 2, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[Stories of the Bureau's Radio Technical Officers from 1948]

A. Cornish
Meteorologist, 1929-1946, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[Memories of the Bureau of Meteorology 1929-1946]

P. Fletcher
Regional Aviation and Defence Weather Services Manager, Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane.
[Seventy-Five Years at Willis Island]

J. Gardner
Aviation Forecaster, Bureau of Meteorology, Brisbane.
[Stormy Weather: A History of Research in the Bureau of Meteorology]

W. J. Gibbs
Director, 1962-1978, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[A Glimpse of the RAAF Meteorological Service | The Origins of Australian Meteorology | A Very Special Family: Memories of the Bureau of Meteorology 1946 to 1962]

C. Glendinning
Aviation forecaster, 1946-1984, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[The Bureau of Meteorology in Papua New Guinea in the 1950s]

T. Haldane
RAAF Meteorological Service.
[War History of the Australian Meteorological Service in the Royal Australian Air Force April 1941 to July 1946]

K. Hannay
Regional Director Victoria, 1959-1976, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[Some Recollections of Service in the Commonwealth Bureau of Meteorology and RAAF Meteorological Service: Mascot and Rose Bay (1938 to 1940): Sojourn in the Far East (1942)]

J. Hogan (1896-1970)
Deputy Director, Melbourne, 1946-1948, and Sydney, 1948-1959, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[Notes Prepared by John Hogan (1896-1970)]

R. W. Home
Professor of History and Philosophy of Science, University of Melbourne.
[Science and Technology in the Story of Australian Federation: The Case of Meteorology, 1876-1908]

J. Joyce
RAAF Meteorological Service.
[The Story of the RAAF Meteorological Service]

J. Lillywhite
Assistant Director Services, 1958-1974, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[My Early Years in the Bureau of Meteorology: The Formation of the Frosterley Club]

K. T. Livingston
School of Humanities and School Sciences, University of Ballarat
[Science and Technology in the Story of Australian Federation: The Case of Meteorology, 1876-1908]

N. Nicholls
Group Leader and Senior Principal Research Scientist, Bureau of Meteorology Research Centre, Melbourne.
[Developments in Climatology in Australia: 1946-1996]

H. C. Russell
Government Astronomer of New South Wales 1870-1905
[Astronomical and Meteorological Workers in New South Wales, 1778-1860]

T. Sherratt
History Program, Research School of Social Sciences, Australian National University. Honorary Fellow, Australian Science and Technology Heritage Centre.
[A Climate for a Nation | The Weather Prophets]

D. Spinks and I. Haynes
[The Life of George Grant Bond Early Queensland Weather Forecaster]

R. Stout
Technical officer, 1945-1981, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne
[History of Major Meteorological Installation in Australia from 1945 to 1981]

N. Streten
Deputy Director (Services), 1988-1997, Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[Antarctic Operational Meteorology]

K. Swan
RAAF Meteorological Service, 1942-1946.
[Four Years in the RAAF Meteorological Service]

C. Todd
Government Astronomer, Superintendent of Telegraphs and later Postmaster-General, South Australia, 1855-1906.
[Meteorological Work in Australia: A Review]

J. Zillman
Director, 1978- , Bureau of Meteorology, Melbourne.
[A Hundred Years of Science and Service: Australian Meteorology through the 20th Century]

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